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This is a Christmas blog.

Well, here you are on Christmas Eve. Your fireplace is aglow, embers fluttering upward to be one with the smoke billowing out of the chimney. The scent of pine melds with the delicious smell of fresh-baked cookies and cake. You snuggle in...


It's Friday: And he's walkin' around like this~

It's Friday, and this week is the start of my #1 Played Game of the Week. Figured it would be cool to add some gameplay video in this. I just recorded the gameplay, then recorded the video of the gameplay while talking over the gameplay. ...


It's Friday: Spooky chickens...?

It's Friday, and Halloween is Sunday. In this video I attempt to terrify you beyond belief! I'm sure I did. Didn't I? DIDN'T I? I sense your trembling through the internet. Anyway, I talk about stuff again. Obligatory...


It's Friday: Japan and Ostriches?

It's Friday, and it is a better Friday than last Friday. Even if I called Asura's Wrath "Asura's Revenge" because I have down syndrome. Otherwise, things seem pretty smooth this week. Nothing exploded, not many people died, and my beard s...


It's Friday: Put on your grumpy pants.

It's Friday, and I punched twelve old ladies today. Right in the face place. I did this video four times in all. The first three takes either crapped out before I could save them, were too long/large to edit, and/or the sound fucked up. S...


It's Friday: Pacefalm

It's Friday, and that is not a video. Just in case you were wondering. I solved the sound problem, but it was only until after I finished recording this morning that I realized my mic was muted. The second take was shitty. And, due to tec...


Dear valued customer

This is a story of heartache and betrayal. Of sadness and torment. The strange and obscure tale begins with a strange and obscure letter from All of Microsoft: Dear valued customer, All of Microsoft is very proud of our loyal community....


It's Friday: Sh***ing hamburgers.

It's Friday, and you have to turn your sound up again. I swear, you'd think a crappy Microsoft webcam would have better audio than this. And less static. Also, fuck sirens. This video was made and edited by a sleepy bastard, so it's not ...


Teh Bias: Walking with the dead.

I have played many game genres in my time. Many settings, many storylines. My interests range from retro platformers to fast-paced FPSs to JRPGs to so much more. I could give you a list of many of my favourite games, but at the end of the...


It's Friday: Exploding babies.

It's Friday, and today I figured you wouldn't mind staring at my pale-as-hell face for a little while. I loved the idea of Topher's READY TO FRIDAY posts because Friday, but those left with him. So I figured I'd do something similar, even...


A Belated Introduction

Well, it's been close to 8 months now and a first blog post involving a review that's been done three or four times before definitely doesn't come close to cutting it. As for the forums...those are the forums. I figured it was about time...


The Hermit's Guide to Partying

As you may know, this weekend was the Worldwide NARP. People went around and NARP'd with other people, who in turn NARP'd while NARPing their big, juicy NARP-NARPs. It was a very large NARPogy of NARPic proportions. NARP. On and off for ...


Dustforce! Jet Set Wuxia

So, I just got finished playing about 30 or so minutes of the Dustforce! demo, which isn't saying much because I really didn't get that far. In Dustforce!, you go around sweeping. You use a broom. You wear puffy clothing. There's pretty ...


My entry for the Dtoid + ASTRO contest!?

This here is a contest that Dtoid is running with ASTRO. It is a contest about headphones, art, and glory. It is a contest that I decided to enter, because I can't pass up an opportunity to make art. Even if I've been having an epic artist ...


The Stranger in the Chasm

Who are you? How do you view life? What is your system of morals, if it exists? I'm sure you could give me answers for all of those, and then some. You could tell me that you're just a plane guy or girl. You could tell me that your view o...


Alternate Reality: More Details Like Hearts

"I like games where you rewind if you die, but it still needs more details like hearts." These moving, heartfelt words were spoken by Jim Sterling's step-son. It is astonishing to see one so young as he put forth ideas and theories so in...


Sucks, doesn't it?

You know when you flush but there's still a piece left in the toilet? You know when you're eating cereal and you spend 10 minutes trying to grab that last Cheerio and then just end up slurping it down with the milk? You know when you're a...


Tasty Chips!: D.K.D.R.

Every now and then I create a chiptune (with modern elements) or two and upload it for your pleasure. And stuff. Today's tasty chip has a heavy dose of Electronica. And robots. And Electronica robots. That shoot, uh...music? Work with me...


New Silent Hill (E3 2010): Horrorgasm

(Updated video) If you know me, then you'll know that seeing this video here for the new Silent Hill (Silent Hill 6? Silent Hill 8?) has made me the happiest man on the planet. I've loved Silent Hill since the very beginning, and, while t...


Why the rest of E3 is pointless.

At a gaming convention, when you show something as groundbreaking as Kinect, where just plugging the thing into your 360 can summon an entire circus in your living room, you know that the rest of the convention will be pointless. A very d...


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