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Playing through samus returns again in anticipation for dread and my second play through is much more enjoyable than the first. I think I was in a weird place the first time I played it, or compared it too much to fusion. Super hyped for dread.


Kotor remake is awesome. Not big on super hero games anymore but if wolverine is good and doesn’t hold back the nasties like previous games I may pick it up on sale. Otherwise nothing really piqued my interest but I’m glad other folks are excited !


So my switch copy of super robot wars T is not working anymore (the game constantly crashes on this one level , like all day) and then I need to insert and reinsert the cartridge repeatedly. I’m gonna go ahead and return it but man that’s a bummer :(


Fuck when am I going to learn to not get into arguments on the front page hahaha, anyways here is a fun music mix


As COVID numbers heat up, remember to try and wear a mask indoors ,even if you vaccinated (unless eating or w/e). It’s sort of surreal to be back in this same spot after this long, but here we are 😿 Also wash your foreskin


Paging Dr. RiffRaff Italian Acid Jazz Funk from the 90s I discovered today. So far my favorite track is 13, starts at 1:06:25 called theme from JFK, if looking for groovies, check this out yall


Hot damn skyward sword HD looks fucking crisp. I forgot how much I like this one. Glad I picked it up! The motion controls aren't bad at all compared to the Wii version.


Yakuza 0 was awesome...but I think I like kiwami 2 better? The graphics upgrade is great and the fight music is fantastic!


So, very few fall/winter games shown , which tells me they have more to show. Knowing BOTW2 is coming next year is fantastic. Metroid dread looks fucking awesome. So ready for Metroid


Dranking, hanging out. Asked lady face to be Mrs. Coffee Cup and she said totally. Sending out good vibes y'all


So king gizzard just released a dream pop album...so far it's pretty good. That sextuplet keeps surprising me with their ability to tackle weird stuff.


So think I'm almost done with yakuza 0. Definitely like it more than Kiwami, exicted to start kiwami 2 once im done. The cabaret mini game is fantastic. Lovely series so far.


Blasphemous , but I think I enjoyed REmake 3 more than 2 ? The omnipresent unkillable enemy is one of my least favorite gaming tropes, and I found the gameplay in 3 more enjoyable. 🤷


I already own resident evil 2 on steam, but I've decided to buy on ps4 because pc gaming makes me sad (just for me, not a knock at all). Also got yakuza 6 and REMAKE 3 on sale. Dranking whiksy (sp), hope y'all well 😉🤤


Wasn't hugely fond of her last album, but Annie Clark did a goodin' here.


Just bought some tickets to see the OSEES in September, here is hoping COVID part 4 doesn't happen 🙃


Random, but the release of nier replicant gives me questions. I didn't find the plot of nier automata to be very mind blowing...so either I dont get it or it's not quite for me. Question in comments w/spoilers 🤓


Doom eternal is on sale for 29.99 on switch...I'm balls deep in monster hunter so I'm not sure if I should wait till next sale or pick up and wait to play it? ...decisions


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