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What the fuck is going on with control? 20 mins in and the tone is wacky and all over the place and I'm not sure I like it hahaha


Random, but it really pisses me off that you can't just have a small room in smash ultimate w/ a friend or two and fight CPUs like you could in smash 4 or brawl. Also #randomfactoid Orcas have dialects depending on which region they live in - comments


On act 3 of dragon quest 11s and holy fuck this game is pleasant. I hope they don't go back to random encounters on the world map


I'm possibly in the minority here, but I would adore a full on souls colab w/ nintendo on the switch ala astral chain color palette or something similar. It can even go everywhere else after, but that would be schweet.


So if they come out with the original battlefront on switch, that would be fucking awesome. Hell, even battlefront 2 on switch would be cool (not the EA versions, although the 2nd one is fun for co-op)


Well I guess I'm in the minority here when I say I enjoyed the direct? I dig skyward sword, and im sure they will fix some issues in the HD version. Splatoon 3 looks like it will be awesome, more xeno in smash is always good. 🤷


So finished up dq8 , definitely a classic. There is post game stuff and like 4 endings, so will have to get back around to that shit. On to 11!! (Even though I've played like 15 hours already). So far 11, 8, 9, 5 for me in ranking.


Finally beat one playthrough of cyberpunk 2077...thoughts in the comments with pseudo spoilers


Playing dragon quest 9 and then 8 back to back on 3ds has made me really miss how fucking portable those guys were. I think the switch might be my favorite console at the moment (the library is so dope), but man, whipping that DS out of the pocket is 🔥


Beat dragon quest 9...man quite a fun ride. Chipping away slowly at 11, now to get balls deep in 8...also yakuza 0 was on sale for 4.99 in the us eshop...so had to pick that bad boy up 😸 Edit: ps store , woops


So the monster hunter rise demo is fantastic. Quality of life upgrades fr world with a little tighter gameplay like the 3ds games...if the end game is more varied this will be fucking special :)


Happy new year's Eve all! I've enjoyed this place quite a bit this year (not that I didn't before, but ya know). Hope everyone has a relaxed and hopefully cheerful end to a rough fucking 360+ days. Cheers chooms!


My 2020 gaming list is probably Xenoblade DE, Ghost of Tshushima, Dragon quest V, yakuza Kiwami, Age of Calamity, witcher 3 on switch. Was quite disappointed with FF7R, and jury is still out on cyberpunk for me


I'm seeing a lot of cyberpunk hate, I find it both justified and saddening. As a cyberpunk nerd (not the board game but the genre) there is so much love poured into the art and a lot of the little details...more inside 😘


Only got to play a half hour of cyber funk this morning before work, on ps4 slim and so far...looks pretty good? Deets in comments if curious.


This might be a shit post, but as excited as I am for cyberpunk I think it is odd how many people think it is a "next gen" experience. It looks like it will be gorgeous when it has the hardware update for ps5/XsX but....


So that titanfall 2 campaign was pretty fucking dope, shame they aren't making a 3rd one for a while if ever.


So i've been playing Dragon quest V, and I've been enjoying it quite a bit...but I've realized that I have grown to really dislike random encounters. Are y'all random encounters or enemies on the map kinda folks?


New osees album that just dropped. Time stamped at the last song on the album "I got a lot". Very fucking CAN (Krout Rock) great shit. Link might be wonky, time skip to 19:00 ish #PsychedelicWednesday


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