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Man, Bushiroad really needs to get off their bum and do a Vanguard game that actually touches the on the card lore. It's kind of dope.




New Digimon Adventure 2020 spoilers in comments. It's a big boy.


Won't be going to bed tonight. Mom's having issues and I've already screwed my sleep schedule tonight.


Oh god. Woolie's going full ham on the GG lore. He's insane.


I've spent the last week or so reading One Piece via the SJ app. Its official. I'm in love.


Its amazing to see that JS's elitist attitude is finally getting. He's been awful for years. Shame that people still worship the ground he walks on though.


Yoooooo. Nidhoggmon's official art looks dope.


Speak of the devil. BB Studio's first title is a full blown Extra remake.


Fate Extra Last Encore is really goddamn weird. It's like a sequel to the original PSP game so far (ignoring CCC in the proccess) but gone off the rails. They did Dan dirty though. Like, nobody thought that was a bad idea?


I beat Last of Us 2. Safe to say; I enjoyed it but I also didn't enjoy it? Hard to explain. Might do a blog later once thoughts settle. In the meantime, time to wash off the gloom? Sad thing is, I've never played Reach and barely remember 2.


Replaying Baldur's Gate on my switch for giggles since I only played it once (and only the first game without any of the expansions.) I forgot how braindead early game was, especially on the easier difficulties.


So I'm about to commit a bad thing. I've never beaten FF7. Get out for the first time and stall. Any tips, tricks? Bought Remake too but a friend told me not to start it until I finish the OG.


******* great. As someone who needs anti-anxiety and depression meds, if my job is classified as "non-essential," that means I will have no access to said meds because, gasp, no income. Don't think they'll do a freeze either.


Well, my right joycon for my Switch died. Just the right one. Triggers and buttons are going nuts. Time to get another set.


Seems like everyone, even in Japan, is getting the western edited version of the #FE re-release. Yes, the one with those 'trashy' street clothes and the worst offender, that awful wedding dress edit.


Is anybody getting Cloudflare Security Checks when try and access the site? Just curios if its only me.


Netflix Seiya's a mess. Wow. It is a total mess.


Netflix has Utada's Laughter in the Dark concert. I forgot how much range she had. It's almost scary.


JFC, Johansson. You don't seem to get it.


Being a Macross fan sucks. Goddamn it, Tatsunoko. WHY?!


I heard some real interesting rumors over the weekend. Makes me wonder how long til it implodes like the old place.


Wow. Square really did recast everybody in FF7R. That's disappointing. At least there's hope for dual audio for the same JP cast?


Finally got around to seeing the new Goji. I must've watched a different movie because it felt like the monsters were the main characters with Serizawa being the lead human character rather than the family. THAT scene was heartwrenching.


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