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Me when Amazon thinks I’m gonna do 136 stops on a snow day:


I decided that my New Year New Me resolution is simply to be more self-aware of my faults and try working on them. Often life becomes so automated it’s tough to realize you’re making mistakes as you’re making them. That cycle must be broken.


I guess if we doing lists, in order, my top 5 are: It Takes Two, Psychonauts 2, F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch, Axiom Verge 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Special mention to Dodgeball Academia, which only barely got beat out by GOTG.


Happy Birthday to our lord and savior of the flavor, Guy Fieri! Merry Christmas everybody! Or Happy Holidays if that’s your thing.


Fine. DToid, you know what’s good for me better than I do. Tales of Arise: yay or nay? The demo had impressive polish but the gameplay did nothing for me. I’ve heard that gets better when you get the time to actually understand it.


Current Status:


…What the fuck? This movie didn’t have any spiders at all! Bullshit!


Time for spiders. No, no men. Only spiders.


Thought about it, and I’m thinking my system for next-gen gaming will be the Steam Deck. I haven’t ruled out a PS5, so long as Wolverine is exclusive (eyeing where Spider-Man goes), but it’s a PC that plays everything and is portable. I see no downs


Fuck it. I’m thinking I’m back.


Alright. See the number of ads at the bottom? That’s THREE now, instead of the usual two. I’m done. I’m out. Y’all have had literal months to fix this. I’ve said it a lot over the years, but DToid, FIX YOUR SHIT.


I dunno DToid. Should I?


Akira Kazama is LIVE! I really need to sleep to get ready for work but not before I put her through her paces a bit. I’m super excite!


The best and worst thing about being a few days away from the end of a job is knowing that you could, if you wanted, just quit at any time inbetween and go home. That’s not my style at all, but I’d lie if I said it’s not more than a little tempting.


The sequel nobody was ready for.


I finally figured out how to do it! The Internet has found a way!


Black Widow is pretty good! Starts off excruciatingly slow, but it builds up in a good way. Not the most essential MCU viewing, but it’s plenty enjoyable.


I don’t know DToid. Is I? The bottom ad seems to think so.


My second house of the day is on Quiet Hills Ln. If I disappear, you’ll all know why.


Hey DToid, if you could stop loading the site with constantly refreshing Twitch streams that kill my mobile browser dead, that’d be great.


Happy Birthday, Batman. May you get to go down on that special someone.


So far E3 has been good for one thing - putting me to sleep. Here’s hoping Nintendo delivers.


Hey DToid! Thanks for letting me know that my phone has been damaged by 39 viruses! Appreciate it! Just need 30 more.


Season 4 of Castlevania sure was a thing. Not a fan of all the choices made and this is the first season where its trademark plodding pace nearly did me in, but what's there is still quality.


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