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Man, all I wanna do is Elden the Rings. Work can bite a big boner. Getting home from work and watching my unemployed roomie roll through it isn’t helping.


I do gotta say, as someone that’s never cared about Souls games before: Elden Ring is hitting me just right. The things that irk me with the series still exist, but the better focus on exploring makes for a far better balance. I’m really feeling it!


10 minutes until that Capcom countdown finishes. Street Fighter 6 gooooooooo


I think we all grow up idolizing Kiryu, but as we hit adulthood we realize it’s Majima that had it figured out all along.


You can bring back any one game - as a port, remaster, whatever you want, long as it’s the same game. What do you choose? I already got my answer.


ProTip: hold off on going back to Cyberpunk on PS4. Apparently a widespread ‘the data is corrupted’ issue is going around. I installed the game and downloaded the new patch, twice, before finding out this is just a thing. Don’t make my mistake.


All roads lead to one destination, I guess.


Some motherfuckers are really tempting me lately.


Also, since this would be harder for sober me. I apologize to anyone I may have offended with my actions. Drunk or sober, I think it bothers me when I offend someone. Sober me’s just a stubborn bitch.


I’m becoming more and more of a ‘functional alcoholic’, and I think it scares me. The DARE kid in me would disapprove.


In my own, special version of Silent Hill, the siren blares, the fog comes in thick, and suddenly, I’m in Allentown.




Playing Sifu, and I had no idea it was essentially a roguelike. Wish I did going into it. Not floored by it so far, but… nonetheless intrigued? It does have an interesting rhythm to it, at least.




I bought Skullgirls Vita today. My takeaway: buying Vita games is gonna be hard in the future, if not impossible. Only way I could do it was to buy the PS4 version and let cross-buy work. In lighter news, cross-buy’s still running!


If you had any interest in Monark, that upcoming game from former Shin Megami Tensei devs, I implore you to try out the demo. It looks like a PS2 game, but there’s a lot there that should be intriguing for fans of SMT/Persona.


So, hot take: Rainbow Six: Extraction is fun! I could see its loop getting stale fast, but I’m all for a tough PVE co-op game with Siege characters to spice things up. Also, because I know the Boxman cometh:


Current Status:


Some real mood music for the day.


One of those days.


……….I’m not saying I need a life. BUT


Welp, got my work van stuck in an icy driveway. We were informed recently that’s grounds for immediate termination. Whether they uphold that or not, we’ll see!


Me when Amazon thinks I’m gonna do 136 stops on a snow day:


I decided that my New Year New Me resolution is simply to be more self-aware of my faults and try working on them. Often life becomes so automated it’s tough to realize you’re making mistakes as you’re making them. That cycle must be broken.


I guess if we doing lists, in order, my top 5 are: It Takes Two, Psychonauts 2, F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch, Axiom Verge 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Special mention to Dodgeball Academia, which only barely got beat out by GOTG.


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