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RE 4make finished! Suggesting Hardcore for a first play is terrible, Capcom. Still, a solid 8.5 out of 10. Some unfortunate jank, and the game’s exhausting nature suggests there can be too much of a good thing, but that’s better than bad.


Y’know, the bogus regenerator bit never was funny. An image of an ACTUAL regenerator:


That’s Paranormasight done and dusted! Great little mystery title worth the $16 (on launch sale). Definitely twisty and turny. Also expects the player to pay attention to the plot in order to progress. The art’s very nice!


Like a Dragon: Ishin! Is a game I’m conflicted on. On one hand, it feels more like a port than a real remake and the $60 - $70 price tag is offensive. On the other, if you’re a Yakuza fan, you likely won’t care. Had a fun time beating it myself!


Marvel’s Midnight Suns now mostly works on Steam Deck, crashing occasionally instead of constantly. It’s literally just Western Persona with licensed superheroes. It rocks! Throwing Hydra goons at each other and getting drunk with Captain Marvel’s f


Honestly, considering I’ve only had my Steam Deck since September? That’s pretty mental. Important side note: Gotham Knights is likely on my most-played list because my step-nephew played it. I’d sully my dirty heathen hands with Avengers, but not G


Current work status


Henry knows what’s up.


Look. I don’t care. If Dead by Daylight is a bum game, Taterchimp is playing it. Go give him some views on Twitch!


Look. I don’t care. If Dead by Daylight is a bum game, Taterchimp is playing it. Go give him some views on Twitch!


I played Gotham Knights on the Steam Deck so you don’t have to! As someone that enjoyed Avengers - often in spite of itself - no. Nah. Don’t bother with GK. It commits the cardinal sin of being boring, and that’s BEFORE my 7 hour save got wiped.


Drunk. It is a miracle. Seriously, it’s the first time in 12 days I got a day off. Hoping y’all have a good one!


…I don’t need this fucking harassment, Valve!


Drunk. Fill in the blanks yourself.


Alright, weekend time! I know what I’m doing tomorrow: getting drunk and playing TMNT like I’m 8 again. An 8 year old with alcohol. Gonna be good times.




The Sega Genesis Mini 2 game list has been outed. Crusader of Centy, Night Trap and Sewer Shark are good nabs, but the lack of Snatcher and Lunar is probably a deal breaker. EA added a single game and that’s Desert Strike. They had one job!


I am become alcohol, destroyer of livers


I beat Bayonetta 2 last night and wow. It makes the original look downright feeble. Definitely the best game of 2014. Hell, probably the best game I’ve played this year.


After a decade of having it on my bucket list, I finally beat Bayonetta! It was alright! Environmental design was kinda bland, the game could get repetitive, and the (scarce) QTEs are awful, but some of the bosses are fun, and Bayo herself is a hoot.


Square-Enix has finally announced its NFT initiative, and is using Final Fantasy VII, of all the fucking things, to sell it. (BUMPing in case anyone missed the news that would be interested to know)


More Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 games announced. Japanese list includes both Lunar games and Final Fight CD. The US version better fuckin’ have them! Then all I need is Snatcher and this baby’s gold. Link in comments.


I’m almost finished with half of the Resident Evil Netflix series. My advice for others? Don’t. And bring alcohol if you have no choice. I’m watching with my mother, so stopping isn’t an option.


Am drunk. Is drunk. Drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk booze drunk


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