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Happy Birthday Inquisitive Raven. Hope you have a great one, buddy.


You know you're a good politician when you call your own constituents slackers.


Why won't PS4s play CDs!?


I'm two episodes into The Sandman, it's been great. The casting is extraordinary.


here come dat Gaj, birthday boi!!!!


I just finished watching RRR because of all the QTOID accolades but holy crap, I think all action movies need to be musicals. The highlights were when he punched a motorcycle head on and the piggyback fight.


Happy birthday Chronolynxx. I hope you have a great day.


Happy birthday Mr. Heston, you're one of the good ones.


If you're a fan of the humour in Austin Powers, check out The Pentaverate. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.


lowcostcosplay hits another one out of the park.


Happy birthday Frosty and NinjaSpeed!


The ends of the hotdog look like cat butts. -Ghandi


Happy birthday to Parismio and medicamecanica! Hope you both have a great day.


Why won't they make more Quantum Leap?!


Happy Birthday taterchimp! ... and Happy birthday to your magnificent face cozy.


Demon's Souls or Horizon Forbidden West? I can't decide.


For anyone who likes Robots and is fancy enough to put shirts on, Uniqlo just released some Gundam T shirts


Happy birthday to Jasondm300 and Occams! Hope you guys have a great one today.


Happiest of birthdays, Alphadeus, you're dope.


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