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I'm still mad about Will Smith's Karate Kid remake.


Anyone have any experience with putting custom firmware on a 3DS? I'm thinking of going for it but I'm hesitant.


I can accept the weird flavour but I cannot accept that they missed calling it Peepsi.


I just watched Jojo Rabbit for the first time. I really liked it. It made me cry. 9/10 Helga's would recommend.


This confirms it, man officially knows more about snakes than human women.


Happy freaking birthday, Robo Panda Z!


You ask too many questions, Billy. Bahaha


Happy birthday, RiffRaff! Hope you can spend your day loafing around with your cats.


Tastes exactly like a rocket pop. Crazy!


Happy birthday, Meanderbot! When I think of Destructoid, the image in myinds eye is of your artwork. I hope you have a great one.


Made some breakfast sausages in spring roll wrappers because I ran out of regular filling and didn't want to throw out the rest. Damn good Franken-food.


I'm so excited for the new Mario + Rabbids game to come out this month so I can completely forget about it and buy it for $11 in 6 months.


I haven't had this much fun since SOULBOW BUT LOUDER showed up, too bad they missed this.


Happy birthday, Mike. You beautiful anime waifu, you. UwU


Happy birthday, Gamemaniac. I hope you and your sis have had good ones.


Happy Birthday Inquisitive Raven. Hope you have a great one, buddy.


You know you're a good politician when you call your own constituents slackers.


Why won't PS4s play CDs!?


I'm two episodes into The Sandman, it's been great. The casting is extraordinary.


here come dat Gaj, birthday boi!!!!


I just finished watching RRR because of all the QTOID accolades but holy crap, I think all action movies need to be musicals. The highlights were when he punched a motorcycle head on and the piggyback fight.


Happy birthday Chronolynxx. I hope you have a great day.


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