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New Dreamcast Game from Beats of Rage Devs

Posted by: Ryan Well speak of the devil. I was just playing some Beats of Rage on my Dreamcast last night because I couldn't sleep. And just in time for the Dreamcast's 10th anniversary, the devs at Senile Team have announced that their n...


Sonic and Tails

Posted by: Ryan My younger sister has been addicted to Art Style: Rotohex lately. A lot of the guys I know seem to think that girls don't play games, but from my perspective, they play plenty of games. My sister (and my girlfriend both) p...


Screen Kill: Experimental Gameplay Project

Posted by: Ryan I made a game! It's not a terribly good game, but that's okay. The Experimental Gameplay Project has started up again, and this month's theme was "Bare Minimum." When I think of "Bare Minimum" games, I think of the blac...


Pokemon Game Designers

Posted by: Ryan I've been bitching about the state of Pokemon for a while now, and my girlfriend is one of those people who pre-ordered Pokemon Platinum. Go figure. But I think we can admit that the Pokemon games have gotten ridiculously ...


Remake of La Mulana

Posted by: Ryan The indie game La Mulana is coming to WiiWare, complete with updated graphics, and it looks like it's going to be published by Nicalis: (story via IndieGames.com) (Image from the original PC version of La Mulana) I don...


Retro Price Ceiling

Posted by: Ryan For anyone who hasn't yet bought Chrono Trigger, it's now only $20 at GameStop and on Amazon! Once I heard that, I immediately went out and bought it. No matter how many people say that Chrono Trigger is the best RPG ev...



Posted by: Ryan During the first act of Metal Gear Solid 4, shortly after you meet Meryl, you have to go through a mansion/hotel/building with a ton of guys attacking you along the way. The way the building is set up, the guys who were at...


Flixel, Day 6

Posted by: Ryan I came across an ActionScript 3 game library called Flixel, which is pretty simple, but it's also pretty damned cool in my opinion. For those who don't know, ActionScript is the programming language that Flash uses, and th...


Flixel, Day 1

Posted by: Ryan I came across an ActionScript 3 game library called Flixel, which is pretty simple, but it's also pretty damned cool in my opinion. For those who don't know, ActionScript is the programming language that Flash uses, and th...


E3 in 2D

Posted by: Ryan New Super Mario Bros. Wii still looks kind of bad. I know that pretty much everyone loves Mario (I grew up with SMB and SMB3 as a kid), and I'm sure that playing four player Mario is definitely going to be a blast. But in ...


Arcade Infinity

Posted by: Ryan I've been meaning to take the pilgrimage to Arcade Infinity for a long while now, and I finally made it out there this weekend. I originally heard about the place because Stella mentioned a place called "AI" on an episode ...


Sonic the Hedgehog Figurines

Posted by: Ryan I found this figurine sitting in a shop down in Little Tokyo, and I immediately knew I had to own it. I still have my old Sega Genesis hooked up to my HDTV with composite cables, and I still play Sonic 2 every now and th...


Exchange: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Posted by: Ryan Noelani and I were browsing a used video game shop, and I saw a copy of Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, which might be my favorite Game Boy Advance game. Anyway, I've been trying to get Noelani into Advance Wars, and so...


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