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Fassbender looks awesome. A not shit game adaption? We will see


Marvel vs Capcom 2 - ep 1 video (short blog)

So to make up for the crap news that was Marvel vs Capcom 2 not coming out on the 29th after all I thought I would put up this video that appeared on Gametrailers today/yesterday depending on your time-zone. I was really looking forwar...


Megan Fox....again! (shortblog)

Just keep walking if you have had enough of hearing about Megan Fox...... For the rest of us, here's a video in which she talks about her voice-over for the upcoming Transformers game, online play and beating some guys ass! More to the...


New HAWP video (shortblog)

Thought I would put up the newest Hey Ash Watcha Playing video since it's up on GT and not Dtoid yet, I'm pretty sure I haven't missed it but if so let me know and I'll hide it. It's trauma center this time and it's definitely one of my f...


About time I said hello...

So like it says I thought it's about time I said hello properly to you all since I've been running my mouth off for a few weeks now in the comments. -My name is Kris as is my handle, what can I say, I'm lazy like that. -I'm 25 and work at...


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