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Audiosurf Contest Winners!!!

After hours and hours and more hours of playing and much deliberating I came to the conclusion that it was insane to have only 1 prize for 42 persons, especially when there was one that kept looking like sure winner the more I continued to ...


"Win Audiosurf" Contest UPDATE Song submitting Closed

Audiosurf is amazing!! Since I want to play more before going to class this is mostly a repost and an updated list of the songs submitted so far. Contest Info All you have to do is tell me 1 or 2 songs (name-artist) that you think wou...


Win Audiosurf Contest Reminder

I posted this early today, so i think a lot of you didn't saw it. Contest info and entries so far are at the end of the post. As you know, today is a very important day. Why? Because it's eve of Audiosurf day!!! Some people have alread...


Very Important Day, Also Win Audiosurf Contest

As you know, today is a very important day. Why? Because it's eve of Audiosurf day!!! Some people have already blogged about it, but just in case you still don't know, Audiosurf is an amazing rhythm/puzzle game that's also a finalist on t...


Webcomic lulz- Guitar Hero 0.5

I was playing GH2 a few hours ago. I mentioned that to one of my friends, and he said "Oh yeah, that reminds me..." and sent me a link to this comic from Tie-Dye Heart: I thought it was funny, what do you think? PS:Oh and I know i...


No Wonder People Don't Play "Old School" In CoD4

It had been a couple of weeks since I played CoD4 online but finally this week I went back to it. My favorite mode since I tried it has been �Old school�. I loved CoD 1�s & 2�s multiplayer on PC and even when I enjoy all the classes and...


Confirmed! I'm going to MAGFest =D!

Yeah, that's right, after a sudden decision to not get a PSP with FFT I decided to go MAGFest, why? Because it looks cool =P. Anyway, I'll be going alone since I'm the only one in my group of friends that meets the following points: A)W...


TRU's "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" Next Week

Not sure if it has been posted before, but anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up and tell you that Toys 'r Us is having one of those "buy 2 get 3rd free" next week (October 14-20). What does this mean? It means next week I'll get O...


Will Halo 3 dominate XBL as much as Halo 2 did?

Hi, before anyone starts cursing me for being anti-halo, I'm not, i read the 4 books and spent countless hours on Halo 1 and 2, besides, this isn�t a rant, this just a thought that came through my mind. We all know Halo 2 dominated Xbox L...


CoD 4 Keys ready for FNF!

That's right! Apparently mexican accounts can't join in the fun so i have some codes for the CoD4 Beta that my friends couldn't use(3-5 codes, not sure if two of them managed to open a US account or not). I have to go to school in an hou...


OMG I Have a Blog!

So this is my first post... interesting, im watching 24 and destructoiding trying to break stuff :).


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Hello, I'm Knives but a lot of my friends will usually call me Knivy. All I should have to say is that I live in the happiest place on earth (Tijuana!), but that's not all I'm gonna say.

I started playing games at around age 4 and I simply love games....No, really, I'll play pretty much anything: RTS, FPS, RPGs, TPS, Shumps, Puzzle, Rhythm, Sports, etc.

I currently play on PC, Wii, PS2, DS and 360, I tell myself I'll get a PSP and a PS3 soon but I keep spending money on things like MAGfest, Miami, PAX , Baltinarp and Cancun.

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