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Was at Target yesterday and discovered this. Ubisoft released a brand new Wii game in 2020. I honestly had to pull the box out to make sure it wasn't a troll or mistake or SOMETHING, but it isn't. *WHAT YEAR IS IT?!* Oh wait, it says on the box.


The Rocko's special was great. I was amazed at how little the voices changed too. I watched Wacky Deli right before hand and I couldn't really tell that it'd been 20 years for the VAs. Also: new avatar!


So apparently Poison in SFV has lost: most of her normals, her backflip, her rekkas, her fireball, and her DP. I just don't understand why you'd go so far remaking a character rather than just making a new one & giving fans what they want: updated old one


Do you think that the way to get past bad ending in Bloodstained was handled well? I've had a debate with a friend who says he got it immediately but I stumped me & ultimately felt like a worse version of SotN's true ending Richter fight.


Another one of my favorite albums of all time is celebrating a big anniversary this year: Madvillainy turns 15 today! Easily 1 of the greatest underground rap albums & probably for both Madlib & DOOM individually at their best, never mind collaborating.


Kind of wish more games/movies ended with failure. A journey ended too soon, a villain winning, or it all being meaningless. Most people hate that shit, but I like having it show up now and then. I heard from some1 "well that sucks" at end of Infinity War


Getting better with RG. I can't quite beat Vergil SOS with it yet tho. I haven't beaten DMD yet but once I do my plan is to try to beat all of Dante's missions on SOS or DMD using ONLY Royal Guard, no SDT. I love that Dante does finger guns when unequiped


woo! I managed to beat Mission 11 in DMC5 on Devil Hunter difficulty using nothing but Royal Guard (no Sin Devil Trigger) on first try, no continues! Here is the boss fight, full mission is on my twitch account (eternalstar)


Jake Phelps, editor of Thrasher, died 4 days ago and I only just found out. I google "news" every day and scroll through em and this didn't come up. I'd have thought I'd see it in Sports or Entertainment. Guy was skating right till the end too.


DMC5 is good. Like, the problems I have with the game are all minor, and/or superficial. It's so hard to pick at problems in it. Biggest complaint is that there isn't enough variety of level design so parts of game bleed together a lot. THAT'S IT


3 feet high & rising was released today 30 years ago. It's in my top 10 favorite albums of all time & a must listen to any fan of hip hop. De La Soul changed music with the album.


Just found out that a bunch of Monkees episodes are uploaded in HD on their youtube page. I remember catching episodes at like 5am as a kid in the 90s (dunno where) it was fun. RIP Peter Tork.


I'm so looking forward to this card for my coinflip deck. Works wonders with creatures like Crazed Firecat, Scionic Sliver, or Karplusan Minotaur.


It's 2019, where are the cars that can go 682mph? When will we catch up to Genesis technology?


Finally getting around to Fire Emblem Awakening. I'm fairly certain that hard mode would be impossible without the casual setting. By chapter 5 I'd be down to Chrom & Robin as my only characters.


Invasion of Privacy is a great album if you haven't heard it. It was one of my fav albums of 2018. Apparently Obama was a fan too.


A christmas themed Doom album is something I never expected to hear.


I still haven't seen the film (gonna try to go after the new year with some friends who're out of town for christmas) but this might be the first original film score I've bought in a long while. Licensed (like Baby Driver) sure, but not original.


Hellboy trailer looks better than I expected but not really blowing me away or nothing. Really would like to see del Toro finish his trilogy, even if it's just in comic form. CG in new movie looks... bad. Feels worse than in the now 10 year old Hellboy 2


So this is a thing. I dunno exactly what thing, but definitely A thing.


Googled "best christmas movies" & googles list has Christmas with the Kranks... and yet somehow felt they should leave off Ernest saves Christmas. Maybe that 1 guy at google who messes with specific search results hates it. How could you leave off Ernest?


So Capcom released the patch for SFV season 4 on PS4 before they got a chance to reveal that the character. Kage is just Evil Ryu under a new name and I could not be less excited, lol.


There is going to be an aggretsuko christmas special in 4 days and I'm just now finding out about it.


Watching Sigil stream reminded me of 1 big annoyance with Doom2016 that I doubt will be fixed; difficulty just being damage boosts. Doom 1&2 would change enemy layouts with only real change to dmg being easy mode having 75% damage. Made game interesting.


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