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I miss "Game of the month". These days I`m lucky if I even have a Game of the Year.


I`ve been addicted to this Youtube channel for the past few days. If you are even remotely familiar with Warhammer 40k you should check it out.


Anyone watch the new Lord of the Rings show? Going in, I thought casting Jordan Peterson as Magnus the Red was a mistake but his performance ended up winning me over. Now I can`t imagine anyone else playing the role.


Just discovered Death Battle. This might be my favorite fight. Fight starts at about 13:30. Vegeta vs. Thor is another good video.


John Carmack had a 5 hour interview. Pretty interesting even if I didn`t always understand what he was talking about.


Playing the new Forza Horizon 5 DLC. Really makes me wish for a new F-Zero or Wipeout on PC. Or anything similar.


Could be of interest to some Qtoid/Dtoid users.


Looks like Call of Duty and other fps games will be getting some new guns to use. The Sig Spear and M250. Brought to you by Garand thumb.


There are nine Judges on the U.S. Supreme Court. Who would you replace them with? My choice? RiffRaff, PatBateman, Chris Moyse, Chris Carter, DeadMoon/don`t remember his real name, SpikeWiggly, MikeMartin, Snailed, and a SlimeyBear. Yeah.


Yo, give me your honest opinion. What`s the verdict on The Quarry? Every game gets a 6 or 8 out of 10 so it`s hard to tell from reviews. What`s your opinion? I loved Until Dawn. Does it live up to that? I need something new and enjoy horror games.


Looks like we`ll be getting more Berserk.


100 U.S.Dollars says the next Resident Evil remake is RE1. I would bet my house on it. Not sure if it will be a third person game similar to the RE2 remake or a VR style first person game. Either way I expect that`s the next remake. Because money.


I haven`t played a Steet Fighter game since SNK vs. Capcom on PS2. Really looking forward to Steet Fighter 6. Cautiously optimistic though. A lot about it I like. A lot I don`t like. I`ll explain in the comments. Mixed opinion I guess.


I`ve been watching Youtube lore videos on Warhammer 40k for the past 6 months. I love it. What`s the next step? I`m not aware of any good video games to play. Not really interested in the board game. How are the books? Is that where it`s at?


If you were my Dad, what advice would you give me? My advice? Don`t post anything when you are drinking. Doesn`t matter if it is the Youtube comment section, Steam forums, or your favorite game website. Don`t do it. You`ll always regret it the day after.


It looks like Johnny Depp might be winning his legal fight against Amber Heard. Good for him. Turns out she`s a legit psychopath. (Or is it sociopath? I always get them confused.) Perhaps there is some justice in the world.


Hottest hot take you`ve ever hotted. I don`t see a spoiler tag thing to click on so I`ll put it in the comments. Be warned. This take is hotter than lava. Molten magma. The surface of the sun.


That music in Final Fantasy 14 is some of the best. What`s your favorite song? I can`t decide. I like Insatiable, Hades phase 1, Qitana Ravel Unwound, and Ultima. Ultima from a Praetorian run. (Not the big fat taco/deep fried taco song.)


Is this something I should be embarrassed about? I`ve never actually watched a Harry Potter movie. I haven`t read any of the books either. It was after my time. How would it be for an adult? Is there a chance I could enjoy it? Watching Dr. Mike.


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