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I hate posting twice in one day, feels like I`m being greedy. But did I miss the latest UFC fight? I`m a casual and don`t follow MMA too closely. I sometimes miss the good stuff. But I do enjoy a good fight. Comment or make a post if you are a fan.


I feel like there is a disconnect or schism between old school Dtoid members and the newer members. So I got a question for the old Schoolers. What game has the best porn? Ha ha. Metroid? Mass Effect? Resident Evil? Don`t say Ovewrwatch. That`s new school


We haven`t had any good shit posting in a while. Allow me to fix that. Fulgrim is a shit primarch and The Emperors Children are a shit legion. They serve no purpose and should be deleted from existence. Ultra Marines can do their job better. Ha ha.


John Wick 4 is sounding like it`s a pretty good movie. That`s good to hear. I was a little skeptical. This is the 4th movie after all, so I thought it might be getting a little stale. Seems that is not the case.


I`ve played Skyrim for well over 2,000 hours. Will Starfield be just as good? Just started a new character in Skyrim and decided to role play as Vulkan from Warhammer 40k. Maybe they should have just made Skyrim 2 instead?


What`s the status on Overwatch 2? Can`t remember the last time I heard any news about it. Is it dead? Is it the new Fortnight? I loved Overwatch 1 for the first 2 or 3 years. After that they slowly killed my interest in it.


Oh, shit. Just checked out the Steam reviews. I don`t normally give them much thought but this is pretty extreme. Don`t normally see reviews this low. Even for games that are completely broken.


Just read that GFWL got removed from Resident Evil 5 on PC. That`s a pretty big deal. I`ll definitely buy it next time it is on sale. I actually love the game. Only thing I hate is Sheva getting herself killed. Point being, I`m super happy about this.


Tekken 8, Street Fighter 6, and Mortal Kombat 12? All in the same year? (Or close) Great time to be a fighting game fan. Or a great time to be someone who used to be a fan and wants to get back into them. I`m a casual. I take decade long breaks from them.


How is VR for people with shit eye sight? VR is something that I have always been interested in but feel like I might be too old for it. I require glasses when reading and sometimes have trouble judging distance. Does that mean no VR for me?


Ban me. Just get it over with. I pre-ordered the Resident Evil 4 remake and have no idea what the creator of the games political opinions are. I am assuming the worst. Don`t even care anymore. That game could be directed by Kanye West and I`d still buy it


Chael Sonnen is planning to run for governor of Oregon. Vote for him. Ha ha. I know I would if I lived there. He never lost a round and has the biggest guns in West Linn Oregon.


Watching Outlaw Star on Hulu. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. Just finished episode 1 and I`m loving it so far. Exactly how I remembered it.


Here`s a fun front page article.


Does anyone else sort comments by newest? I always do. Never been a fan of popularity contests. Oldest sounds interesting. Haven`t really tried that option.


Biggest controversy of the year? Warhammer 40k Darktide on PC. One of the lowest reviewed games I`ve seen in a while. And I would have to agree with those reviews. It`s unfinished. Can`t recommend it. Feels like a Beta or Early Access game. Damn shame.


Watched the newest Hellraiser movie on Hulu. Just recently subscribed. Solid 7 out of 10. Liked a lot of the new stuff they added. Didn`t like some of it. Feel free to post spoilers in the comments.


Yo Qtoid. What`s the next game you`re super hyped about? Me? RE 4 remake, The Forest 2, and Lo Wong. Or is it Long Wo? Chinese Nioh 3? I don`t know. Either way those games will last me an entire year. What`s your next obsession?


The best Sega Genesis soundtrack: Eternal Champions. I`ve been listening to it and never really appreciated how good it is. Listen to that first track. This game is primed for a remake.


You know what would make me upgrade my recently outdated PC? Killing Floor 3. I would buy a completely new PC with an RTX 5000 GPU just for that. I would easily spend $3,000 on it. Love Killing Floor 2. Never gets old.


I wish I could get notifications when people respond to my comments. Unfortunately it seems to be impossible. Created my Dtoid account about 3 years ago and have never gotten a direct message or notification, etc. Oh well. Is the problem Disquss?


Tried to subscribe to Cruchyroll for a month to watch some anime and try something new. Sign up failed. Not sure what I did wrong. Why do they make it so complicated? Oh well. Fuck it. Plenty of other things I can do. Ha ha.


At this point I`m starting to expect Ubisoft to be bought by Microsoft or Sony. Seems like everything I hear about them is bad news. Delays, cancellations, etc. Can`t say I`m really excited about any of their upcoming games. Assassins Creed Japan maybe.


I`m sold. A.I. art is the future. I can`t wait for A.I. generated movies or t.v. shows to appear. Can`t be any worse than what we got now. Don`t believe me? Check out any "as an 80`s movie" search on Youtube. Example......


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