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How I imagine the real hardcore Nintendo/BotW fans reacting to the frontpage article crticizing BotW.


Nintendo locking content (yes, a game mode is content) behind an Amiibo (that I can guarantee they won't make enough of then say they couldn't have predicted the popularity) is another reason Nintendo can suck my fucking dick.


How do you think people would feel about a twitch channel that had a variety of content? I.E. 2 days a week are gaming related, and one was live music or something else? Debating doing an hour of guitar once a week and wonder what people would think.


I'm actually starting to actively dislike Nintendo these days.


Re: Evo Cammy outfit, this half formed thought. Reliance on sponsors for esports is going to trickle into all games and eventually devs will have to answer to sponsors. I hope Coke is ok with the themes of the game you want to make.


Late to the party, but here's a fucking truth bomb for y'all.


I want a Witcher MMO with For Honor combat mechanics.


In 6 months: "Consumers struggle to find SNES Classic Edition. Nintendo states 'We could not have predicted the popularity of this product.'" Same stance as with the NES Classic:if I can buy at a retailer at my leisure I will but otherwise, I'll emulate


Half this #cutetoid stuff I can definitely masturbate to. The other half, I can certainly try.


One last Petition Enthusiast post. Reinstate the old #1 rule on Modern Method (Dtoid parent company). "Community first. Period."


Do you think the new owners will be "Better People?"(tm)


Petition to Enthusiast to give me Andy Dixon's job like it should have fucking been to begin with. Also bring back the forums. Also also, cocks.


I'm going backpacking this weekend, and one of the possible places I'm going could have me sleeping in an old fire watch tower. That just reminded me of Firewatch so I thought I'd remind everyone that it is excellent.


I kind of want a Switch, but I'm not sure Street Fighter: Arms: Dhalsim: The Game has sold me on it.


Was playing the first Wicther game before work today. I'm about 40 hours in. Story and atmosphere are A+. Gameplay is a solid F, but once you get used to it I give it a C, but it shouldn't be so jank to begin with.


I miss when the old user EternalDeathSlayer would make shitpost cblogs about how everything sucks and then complain about having to fuck his fat wife. That shit was a riot.


Friday the 13th is a pretty good game, but A)I think be a big horror fan makes it more enjoyable, and B)christ on a crutch people, it's ki ki ki ma ma ma... at least fix the fucking review headline.


A buddy left his Switch at my house and I just realized he has BotW. I know what I'm doing tonight.


Oh hey, this popped up on Facebook from 5 years ago. Which is weird, because PAX East was in April that year.


What would you folks think of a Pong reboot that was narrative driven?


My E3 Wishlist

I'd have to be dreaming to think any of this could happen.  So, E3 is soon, yeah?  I honestly don't pay much attention any more.  The game industry has gotten kind of dumb, someone is always butthurt about something, and...


Not gonna lie, I keep thinking I can go check the forums and then I get sad.


Andy Dixon just told me this is Dtoids version of Twitter. Does that mean I need to start posting our conversations about our bowel movements here like I do in real Twitter?


Tomorrow's Charity Stream Ideas

http://nightfable.deviantart.com/ Tomorrow morning I start the charity stream I mentioned a couple days ago. I have a lot to prepare before now and then, including what exactly I even want to do. I figure since it's hot right now and I ha...


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