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Sex: Be Both the Virgin and the Whore

This is a lucky time for me because a rare occurence has happened were something I was going to talk about anyways just happens to be in vogue you could say. Now before we go into the meat of the blog know that I'm talking about how women ...


Sonic Fan Film Impressions

Okay so after what seemed like a long wait the Sonic Fan Film is finally up to be watched on Youtube and I want to give my thoughts on it. To save time and work I'm going to split it into a simple list of things I like and things I didn't...


Top 3 Video Game Christmas Songs

Well it is that time of year and to get in the mood I always like to sit back and enjoy some good old tunes of the season. Of course at the same time I've been able to find the music that both increase my love of Christmas and gaming. So ...


Pokemon: The God In Your Mind

Yes Pokemon a stable of my childhood since before I could spell childhood. Even today as a grown man with a manly beard I still play Pokemon in to the wee hours of the morning when I get the chance. So with college coming and my mind over d...


Hype: The Denail of Hype Couldn't Save You.

I've decided that for this response I'd like to talk about how hype led me to experiencing one of the worst gaming moments ever (for me at least). Have you ever had a game come into your knowledge that just by looking at it you should...


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