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SO HAPPY! Got this (heavy!) beauty at my auction house for $62! Haven't read these strips since the early aughts!


Edit: Silver got it! It'll be sent out tomorrow!


Current status (I wish):


By popular demand (And by popular, I mean one person requested this), another Gunstar Heroes Gif!


Monday: The struggle is real!


Over a month ago, I bestowed upon all of you Mac 'N Cheese Ice Cream. Now, I offer you all this!


Reggie says that Mother 3 didn't get localized because of "business decisions" and not because of content within the game. Also, don't hold your breath for a release.


Just registered and got my tickets for California Extreme (the arcade expo) at the end of July! CAN'T WAIT! :D


With all of these fembots upvoting us, I'm starting to feel like a protagonist in one of those unwanted harem animes.


Today is my Sunday! Why not do an AMA?


I know life sucks but have a cute picture of a cute kitty.


EDF 6 is finally releasing in Japan on August 25th! I hope a Western release isn't too far behind! EDF!


Apropos of nothing: I changed my text notification sound to the "EDF!" chant. No regerts!


What was the first video game that you played that you could tell was really bad? For me, I think it was the Incredible Hulk game on Genesis that I had rented when I was about 5.


I'm off to go ruin someones day.


It looks like the ladies are back to upvote us again.


Saw Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin online for a reasonable price and decided to give it a spin. Anybody play it? Did you like it?


Does anyone have any funny/interesting stories attached to any games/consoles they've purchased? Like something that happened while you were buying it? I think I have a good one.


PSA: This exists. At Walmart. 'Murica.


I'd really like to go to California Extreme in July assuming it doesnt get cancelled/delayed (the big arcade expo here in the Bay) but I'm a little wary of the crowds and am thinking I should wait and see what the news is with the 2nd booster shot first.


In news that I wish was an April Fools Joke: Ben Shapiro is making a kids show. Here's hoping it's good for meme fodder.


If there's going to be a Sonic cinematic universe, who'll play Big? Seth Rogen? Sir Ben Kingsley? Matt Damon? Someone else? Chris Pratt will likely be Froggy.


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