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They fired Chris? What the hell?


CEO was the big first tournament for SF 6 and the top 8 were pretty hype!


I'm on my way to work and all I can think about is how I wanna be back home to play more Street Fighter 6 and Diablo IV.


I finished RE 8 which was pretty awesome and started Hades. Omega Strikers which just recently released is also pretty fun. I think for the rest of the year I'm excited for Diablo IV, SF 6 and Starfield. Which games are you most excited for?


I finally finished Fallout 4. It's a 7/10 Action RPG with good shooting mechanics, good exploration but a lackluster narrative. Old man Jet isn't totally late and still hip with all the cool kids. (Man, my work/life balance is fucked atm.)


Damn, Hi-Fi Rush looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad Tango Gameworks surprised us all with this kind of game. :)


Hey, I hope you are all okay. Happy belated birthday to Chris and DeScruff. I'm just super busy with work at the moment but I'm more than often lurking in the shadows at the moment trying to find more time to be on Dtoid again. I love you all.


I haven't watched Evo live this year but it's nice to wake up to some cool announcements like a new Garou, Tekken and the Juri/Kimberley Trailer. All good stuff! I hope after work I can catch up to some matches I've missed.


Short life update (part 2): The pay is good and I hope that my body gets used to all the walking around. I really wanna be more active here because Dtoid is still a wonderful community. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I love you all.


Short life update: I've got a new job as a postal worker at Deutsche Post at the beginning of January and it's a really psysically demanding job. I work a lot of hours and on the weekends my body screams for rest but my colleagues are nice.


On friday and saturday I have trial days for new jobs. Friday would be a job as a warehouse worker and saturday as a mailman. Both jobs are totally different from my last job (customer service for an Internet Provider). I hope at least one goes well.


Happy Birthday Chris! Shine on!


They better nerf that Jesus guy in the next patch! Pontius Pilate used his super move "crucifixion" but Jesus has this annoying abilty "resurrection" where he can just come back 3 days later like nothing happened. What a bunch of bullshit! :P


I tried out the Battlefield 2042 beta on PC. It's fun but oof...this beta is in a rough place on the technical side. I hope Dice is telling the truth and this is an older build.


After beating Days Gone and Diablo III I'm off to play Fallout 4 (with mods ofcourse). Grandpa Jet will someday catch up with you darn kids with your new releases! (Art by FernandOFC)


I made some japanese curry and it was really delicious! I post the recipe I used in the comments.


I was really surprised to like Days Gone. I got it with my PS Plus subscription and downloaded it just to check it out. Now I'm 20 hours in and the baseball cap wearin biker dork Deacon St. John is close to my heart. :)


Yo, that new SMT V trailer is fire.


Cyberpunk has his flaws and many technical problems but Judy is a real cutie. :)


I'm hyped for Guilty Gear Strive's release on friday. I will probably main Giovanna. My little bro is playing Ramlethal.Let's go!


After working for 3 years in customer care for two big Internet Service Providers in Germany I can only say this: I feel like the crazy guy in the Dark Souls games who sits at the fire, babbles some nonsense, laughs maniacally, and eventually attacks you.


Ono leaves Capcom and joins the Fate/Grand Order devs. From Street Fighter to Gacha Hell. 3,2,1...Shoryuken. Regardless what I think of Fate/ Grand Order I wish him the best!


I wish you all a good start into the new week. Take your time to get ready. Preparation is important.


From smashing boulders in Africa to stealing babies in Eastern Europe. He did it! My hero! ;)


Damn, who knew that Rose has a Blue-Eyes white Dragon! ;)


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