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Playing World Tour in Street Fighter 6, and I'm addicted to the World Map theme. How ISN'T this the Character Select theme!?


Capcom's having a Direct on Monday, in which they'll definitely show Ace Attorney 7, confirm Sakura for Street Fighter 6, bring back Megaman Legends 3, and announce Viewtiful Joe 3.....right? https://www.capcom-games.com/showcase/en-us/


Inquisitive Raven's 2023 Commission Prices

Hey there! I'm Inquisitive Raven, and I'm an artist. Money's been extremely tight, so I'd appreciate it if you gave my commission prices a look! For $20:Sketches +$10:Color Sketches For an Added $20 to any Option:Additional Characters...


Apologies in advance if I get annoying advertising my commissions - money is super-tight. Also I need to help my Mom out a bit as she's also struggling with money and such. Thankfully I have some commissions I'm finishing this week to help out in chunks.


I finished my placement matches for Ranked Mode! This is just about where I left off in Street Fighter V, so not bad.


Marvelous will have a Direct in 15 minutes! Will my wife Nami StoryofSeasons make an appearance? Let's find out!


Amazon has some "Used - Like New" copies of Bayo 3 for like $35: https://amzn.to/43mxf4u


The VA-11 HALL-A team have another mini-novel/story thing coming out soon-ish. It'll involve Best Boss Dana and an old friend of hers hanging out. Sounds like dumb fun! https://sukeban.moe/index.php/2023/03/31/coming-soon-va-11-hall-a-red-green-blues


Had a lot of fun with the SF6 Open Beta! Some matches were good, others were funny, etc. I had a bit of slowdown so ultimately I'll have to play this on PS4, but my main takeaway is that I think I can call myself "competent" at fighting games.


Money's not the absolute best right now, but: Do I dare??


PS Direct coming in a week. Over an hour long and will focus on PS5/VR games.


The Genshin 3.7 Direct starts in 10 minutes! https://www.twitch.tv/genshinimpactofficial


Since buying Tears of the Kingdom would become Tears of my Wallet, I decided to instead get Dredge on sale. I've seen it streamed here and there, and it looks fun. I also got Gone Home in a free raffle from buying Dredge.


Maybe it's the 1:30am FoMO talking, but after seeing pics of the Big O Moderoid, I need it NOW!! There's a random hobby shop that has it for preorder next month, but I'm not sure how comfortably I can afford it just yet.


I just finished a commission for Occams! I'm going to be shipping it out to him soon. Perfect for #Caturday! BUMP!


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