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I made it to Bronze in Super Gem Fighter! Fear my tiny wrath.


New Trigun trailer. The actual animation seems fine enough, but...I don't know how to feel about Vash's design here. The jacket and mechanical arm feel like a massive downgrade.


Oh yeah, I forgot about the Genshin Direct thingy! I was just chilling all morning/had work all afternoon. Here's the full stream.


Jill from VA-11 HALL-A is getting one of those chibi Nendoroid figures! Now I wait patiently for a Dorothy figma... (Mall Santas sold separately!)




Here's the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase!


That really peaceful/pretty Shin-chan game is finally coming westward! It's by the creators of Attack of the Friday Monsters on 3DS, so I know it'll be pretty wholesome. It releases on Switch (and for the first time PS4) in August.


Ruridragon is precious and I hope it stays in Shonen Jump!


Going back to work in a week. Or at least try. Got my schedule and everything (which was already changed - here we go again!). I can't say this was a restful break, what with family/life stuff going on. I guess it's better than not being paid, though.


Today's the 6th anniversary of VA-11 HALL-A! To this day, it remains one of my favorite games. Dorothy Haze is Best Robo-Girl.


Multiversus is having a Pro Player Showcase in a bit. Don't care about "pro" play, but I'm kinda interested in playing this as Velma is basically Phoenix Wright 2.0!


This weekend was different. A friend had a Birthday party and I helped them set up. I had more fun with that than the party itself - there was a lot of drinking and more, and I'm pretty boring/reclusive so I don't do all that. Glad they had fun, though!


Chainsaw Man pt. 2 premieres on July 13th. THE TIME HAS COME!!


3D TRIGUN ANIME!? A little worried about the 3D part, but apparently Orange does good work, so I'll give it a shot. I'm just happy to see my favorite Plant Man return!


Sukeban Games released a new devlog today. Nothing major coming out anytime soon, but it's nice to hear they're still hanging in there. I can wait until the lightning strikes again. https://sukeban.moe/index.php/2022/05/16/project-updates/#more-647


Tired. Not really sure what to do today as I wait for everything to come into place for my foot/ankle issues. I've been off from work all this time, but between that and my grandma's passing, it really hasn't felt like much of a break. Maybe I need a nap.


They got the Wu-Tang Clan to do a track for Shredder's Revenge. This game keeps getting better and better!


More Sonic Frontiers gameplay. Won't magically change most people's opinion, but I think it looked better than what was shown initially (other than the jank animations).


3 more days until Neon White comes out! Here's an animated intro.


I finished a commission of Sig from Puyo Puyo with a Beatmania IIDX controller. It was fun combining my style with that of Puyo Puyo's! [Edit]: Bump 2!


This has been a hectic week, but I got a whicker basket's worth of stuff in the mail! Deets below.


Wholesome Games Direct is starting! Should be cute.


Some uninterrupted SF6 gameplay. Looks pretty neat! That said, I hope the esports commentary is optional and that they have a traditional narrator, too.


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