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I updated my commission prices, so feel free to check a look at those! Another BUMP! https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Inquisitive+Raven/2022-commissions-pricing-list-646865.phtml


A package of galactic proportions from France has just arrived in my mailbox!!


Ninjala has an anime, apparently! The 1st episode is up on Youtube for free right now. It's not bad for what it is. Feels like an HD version of a long-forgotten FoxBox/4Kids TV show you'd watch on Saturday mornings. I'll keep an eye out for this one!


What do you do when you take off for 2 days to help your ankles recover? Draw, of course! Working on a thing.


2022 Commissions Pricing List

Hey there! I'm InquisitiveRaven, and I'm an artist. I've been drawing nearly all my life now, and have been offering commissions for years now. I'm getting better all the time, and would love it if you checked out my updated pricing gu...


My ankle is killing me, so after fighting with myself for a bit I took the day off. I can still walk, just not very well. Last time it was like that and I tried to go in anyway I ended up hurting myself. Gonna take it easy today. And apply for jobs.


So last night a pair of VTubers I like did a collaboration with a ghost VTuber (they played Phasmophobia), and I drew this to mark the occasion! I've actually been working on this throughout the week. I think it came out nice! Final BUMP with timelapse!!


First sketch of 2021. She's from an obscure manga that takes place entirely in my head. Name's Akira. BUMP!


Not a fitness person, but this Pokemon workout video is cute. Get those gains, Piplup! Apparently there'll be other videos with harder exercises coming later.


Not a full-on resolution, but a friend of mine suggested we portion our meals for the week to lose weight, so I'm gonna try that with them. They also suggested going to a gym, but I dunno.


Happy Birthday, Soulbow! You're still my 2nd-favorite G Fuel spokesperson.


My preorder for the No More Heroes 3 CE has FINALLY UPDATED after nearly 6 months!!!!!! IS IT ALMOST TIME TO SHIP!?


I forgot there's a Genshin Direct on right now! 2.4 details inbound: https://www.twitch.tv/genshinimpactofficial


Say what you will about the rest of it, but I feel like No More Heroes 3's music at least deserves to be in the conversation for Best OST this year.


Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle is $13 at Best Buy and Gamestop, but only for the next 3 hours or so (the sale started this morning). I've heard good things about it, so I figure it's worth it.


I updated my Commission Pricing List recently with new examples!


This remix sounds like a Sonic R version of the track, and has the vocalist from Persona 5. AWESOME!


I had a pretty good year for art, surprisingly! Here's some of my favorites.


The Zelda phone ring holder and a 2022 calendar are now live on My Nintendo. GOGOGO!! Morning BUMP!


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