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Do we have a discord?And if yes, is there Accent Core R+ rolling in there?


https://delistedgames.com/devil-engine-delisted-on-steam-amid-legal-dispute-among-its-creators/ Pinging Nior right now.


Strive is the good shit we all wanted from ArcSys.


It's a meme, but it's a good one.


Ninja Gaiden trilogy for pc. The day is saved. And now I can look forward to get my ass kicked my something outside of Nioh.


I have now completed both Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 1, more than a decade after I played any of them. 2's still the best, yo'.


Why didn't no one tell me about how good Dungeon Meshi was? FOR GOD'S SAKE, THIS IS THE BEST MANGÁ I'VE READ IN A LONG GOOD WHILE.


I keep forgetting how some tracks of TWEWY were pretty depressing.


It did overstay it's welcome a bit in the later half, but I understand some people complaining about some bosses. And yes, if you forget anything, be ready to backtrack like hell. Which means don't play it sleepy or keep notes. Enjoyable otherwise!


If we ignore RE Survivor, I finished all the three mainline Resident Evil games available on the PS1. Let's all ignore Survivor.


Somehow the Chris campaign took even longer, does the game save up your death times or something? I was expecting a little less, maybe letting the game run paused on the inventory with the PS3 Start Menu doesn't really pause it, that or deaths, for su


I finally finished RE1, will hold on my thoughts until I beat Chris's path. Somehow got the best ending or something out of the blue too.


Resident Evil PS1 is kicking my ass.


I was okay then I realized Capcom did Pikmin before I even realized Pikmin was a thing. FREE IDEA, ON THE TABLE, SOMEONE, P L E A S E.


Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.


Someone call SAM!


Second game of 2021 goes to Jetlancer. Holy shit, It's close to Zeroranger, but it just misses the last final bite. It might even be better though in replayability because of the Arcade Mode.


This is your PSA to buy Jetlancer before it goes out of sale tomorrow, it's probably the best arcade experience I've played in a good while. DO IT. https://store.steampowered.com/app/913060/Jet%20/


From the top of my memory, I have finished 45 games in 2020. That's actually a shit number considering how much free time and bad decisions I actually made.


My last game of 2020 was Final Fantasy 7 Remake, my first game of 2021 will probably be Arc the Lad 1. Happy new years to everyone just in case. Hope you have a good day.


The last game I finish in 2020 will probably be FF7 remake, so, my spoiler question in the comments.


I have beaten Bloodborne, once again. Still super good, except weapon availability being kinda crap most of the game.


It's the 18th of December, 2020. It has been 23 years since the birth of this lovely frankenstein, and far too many since it was given another chance at life. May I ask you to look deep down in that crevace you call a heart, and give it a try?


A classic, of course.


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