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The hacked Wii browser... sucks

It is with great sadness I say this, but the makeshift Nintendo Wii browser really sucks. You have to set up a DNS redirect through your PC which changes the address that the Wii Shop channel tries to go to. The problem is that it crash...


eBay: breeding ground for idiots

Despite the clutter of stupid people bidding and eventually buying all of the shady PlayStation 3 eBay auctions for boxes and random paraphenalia, this one purchase stands far above the others. eBay user takeawildguess23 put up what appears...


Small Arms crashing onto your 360

Small Arms, the Super Smash Brothers clone with guns, is going to be coming to the Xbox 360 on Wednesday for Xbox Live Arcade peeps. The game will run you 800 Microsoft points for 12 characters with their own weapons, 12 achievements -- inc...


NES Paul is a god

NES Paul is rockin' out with his c*ck out with his DIY NES guitar. For the courageous (and musically gifted) this god of a man posted a quasi-DIY guide here, complete with extra pictues. How much would you pay for one of these babies? T...


What's big, black, and costs $1,000?

Nope, it's not two 20G PlayStation 3 models, it's the price of some guy on Craigslist offering his services as a bodyguard. Imagine, you're in line, and some punk 12 year old cuts in front of you after you've waited for 38 h...


Amazon to sell Xbox 360s for $100!

It's that time of the year again and Amazon is conducting their world-famous customer vote. What's so important about this? Just the fact that they're going to sell Xbox 360 Cores for $100. Yes, that's right, $200 off. Clear...


Survey says....

...that just about half of all those planning to buy a PlayStation 3 (48%) are under the assumption that it will be less than $300! Well, I hate to burst their hypothetical bubbles of happiness and cheap gaming consoles, but no f*cking way....


Pretty Huxley video love

  Developer Webzen put on quite a show at E3 with its MMOFPS named after highly esteemed science fiction author Aldous Huxley, Huxley. Don't fret Planetside fans, Huxley isn't destined to be a complete failure. Today...


#1 Creepiest Nintendo fanboy discovered!

Yes Destructoid readers, this is real. There is a man on your screen dressed as not one Nintendo Wii, not two, but three Nintendo Wiis. If he wanted to body slam small children or have trouble fitting through doors, he should have dressed...


Saints Row loves itself some updatage

The Saints Row Web site was updated today, bearing news of coming changes. There is a major update on the way that will feature an increase in graphics (for those of you with an SDTV), new sideburns, and a slew of updates for multiplayer ...


The Xbox 360 skillet

Is your 360 about as effective as a paperweight? Do you enjoy the sweet nectar of what the capitalist government calls "eggs?" Then I have quite the idea for you my good yellow liquid loving friend! There's only three steps in this highly...


Youtubian burninates Trogdor video

On Tuesday, we learned that the internet song sensation, "Trogdor the Burninator" would be an extra bonus song in the upcoming Guitar Hero II. The "guitarist," if you can call him that, in the video claims to have a patched version of the...


OMG Halo 3 deets! Halo 3 deets!

Yes Halo fanatics, the obscure Swedish magazine game details are starting to roll in. New weapons, a human cannon, and the apparent return of the ATV, conspicuously absent from Halo 2. The magazine scans also feature some screens from the...


Gears of War crypt rave

The Gears of War team is kind of insane. They're so insane that they would go so far as to have a launch party in a crypt. Siliconera managed to attend and even got a couple of questions in with the QA manager, Preston Thorne. They also...


Konami announces new Live arcade games

For those of you who aren't up on the Konami "scene," they have a newsletter titled, "Konami News." Despite the displeasing grey background, this month's newsletter actually has some interesting news. They dedicated a small area where the...


Toys 'R Us game sale alert!

Destructoid readers, it's time to catch up on all those games you missed this past year along with some major savings. Today marks the beginning of Toy 'R Us' widely known annual "Buy 2 get 1 free" game sale. This is definitely something...


Halo fan makes rocket launcher

Are you a fan of cardboard and paper mache melee action? What about "rockets" that don't shoot where you aim? This man should be given a medal. There's not too much to say about this video showcasing one Halo fan's complete and utter dedi...


Gamestop/EB after hours Gears of War preview video

The Gears of War preview parties are happening tonight after hours at Gamestops and EB Games. The actual reason for these parties is to show some exclusive never before seen gameplay footage. I think Cliffy B. put it best when he said, "Y...


New Unreal Tournament 2K7 gameplay footage

Epic Games has finally released some more gameplay footage for their upcoming game, Unreal Tournament 2007 for the PC and PlayStation 3. Not too much happens in the video, except for near the end w...


100 gig xbox 360 hard drive

Today at X06: Korea, they announced that Microsoft is going to be releasing a 100 gigabyte xbox 360 hard drive. The launch hard drives fill up far too fast downloading XBLA games and Hi-Def videos. The hard drive is scheduled to launch in...


Sixaxis battery talk

Japanese tech site Broadband Watch released a report today with some new information on the PlayStation 3 controller's battery. The battery itself is going to be a rechargeable lithium ion battery built into the controller itself as in y...


Roller coaster massacre!

Wait until Jack Thompson gets a load of this. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 puts the laughter back into manslaughter with a bowling game of massive proportions. Nothing is more fun than watching hundreds of park goers get moved down by a runawa...


New Mii details

Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communication George Harrison spoke with Reuters today and revealed some interesting new details on Nintendo Mii's. Harrison reveals information such as the amount of...


Linux on PlayStation 3

For the first time in a long while, Sony has some good news. Scratch that, great news. Terra Soft Solutions, the creator of Yellow Dog Linux published a press release today stating the following, Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, Terra Soft's next...


Gears of war preview parties

EB Games and Gamestop have recently sent out a newsletter to those subscribed to their mailing list announcing Gears of War preview parties on Oct. 21. Although you don't get to play the actual game, you can get some sweet schwag such as ...


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