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I'm honestly not sure which part of my shift today is worse: not getting my last break and then getting blamed for it, people who came in after me leaving earlier, or the usual crap I have to put up with. Regardless, I'm so over this job.


Hey guys, thanks for all the birthday wishes, it meant a lot. And thanks to Vadictus for getting Marlow Briggs on Steam!


This is probably my first birthday where I'm honestly too tired, busy, and exhausted to care about it. Oh well. I'm a year older!


Me when the internet is speculating the reason BOTW 2 got delayed was because Nintendo is going to announce a new console or Switch Pro.




Kind of late saying this, but I want to say thank you to everyone who responded to my last QPost. I'm feeling much better and I'm sorry for making you all worry. You guys are the best.


Currently ugly crying into some 7-Eleven pizza thinking about how much I hate my job and how I feel like a goddamn failure who isn't ready to visit my Dad's grave on his birthday this week. How are you all doing?


Having played through the Mario Kart 8 DLC, I can say that it's been pretty good so far. Ninja Hideaway is easily my new favorite track, and it feels nice to play some Mario Kart Tour tracks in a game that's good.


Based on the demo alone, I can safely say that Kirby and The Forgotten Land is my new favorite Kirby game and a step up from Star Allies, and I say that as someone who liked Star Allies.


So apparently Activision is delaying the next Call of Duty into 2024. I'm sure it's for quality assurance and nothing else related to AB.


For those of you who are lonely this Valentine's Day, I got something special for you in the comments. Evening bump!


Oh my God, there's totally a new trailer for BOTW 2 that just leaked! I'll post it in the comment to avoid spoilers!


So this looks pretty good. Can't wait until June!


Me when I discovered that I could use my Pokémon to break giant boulders in Legends and not jumping over the them like I have the entire game.


After playing it for seven hours and having a pretty great time, I can conclude that Pokemon Legends is a pretty good game, great even.


I'm so happy that Pokemon Legends is coming out in a couple days. Not just because it looks pretty fun, but because the fandom can finally SHUT UP ABOUT ITS GRAPHICS!


Not going to lie: this actually looks really good. Great even.


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