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I also started one of those cohost pages. Follow me here: https://cohost.org/GoofierBrute Or not. I'm not your dad, contrary to what Maury said.


In the dumpster fire that I could call my life, I could take solace that Dtoid was always there. Now, even that is becoming less and less so, and after today, I don't know how to feel.


Just a quick PSA, but if you're a NSO member, and you have a game voucher, both Super Mario RPG and Super Mario Bros. Wonder are included under that so you can essentially get a free game this fall.


I heard that tomorrow's Direct will have video games.


On today's episode of "GoofierBrute lucks out with retro game shopping", I got Wario's Woods on the SNES for $15, ClayFighter Tournament Edition for $30, and at Book Off I got Chrono Trigger DS for $95, with original case and manual.


Me when I found out that Titanfall 3 was in development for 10 months before it got canned:


When Atlus' Instagram announces two Persona games, one of which is the remake of Persona 3, earlier than expected.


Huh. You know, this is actually a pretty decent line up.


I watched Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse today, and I adored it, easily my new favorite Spider-Man movie. However, it did bring up something that kind of makes me not like the comics as much, which I'll talk about in the comments. SPOILERS of course.


Big Chungus. God, I've been holding that in all weekend!


Playing through a lot of the non-Nintendo SNES games on NSO is making me realize why my most played games on that service are the Nintendo ones.


Seeing the whole Tears of the Kingdom leaks being reported about, and some outlets reporting on what was in the leaks themselves is making me so tired of leaks in general. It's just so exhausting.


So with the Super Mario Bros. Movie released in Japan and it looks like it's going to make a billion dollars, I formally request that for the sequel they get Danny DeVito to be Wario. And Rob McElhenney as Waluigi.


So......Final Fantasy I is still a shitty game. I don't know how controversial that is, but it's shit, and the remaster just polished the turd.


I don't know why I keep watching the Nindie Showcase. None of the games they show off are bad, it's just most didn't really click with me. And this showcase was no exception.


Matt Mercer confirmed that he's voicing Ganondorf in Tears of the Kingdom, as if he couldn't get any sexier.


PSA, assuming you aren't aware of this: The Final Fantasy Remasters are all available to pre-order digitally, at least on the Switch. I pre-ordered all of them, despite already owning VI on PC. Because I make terrible choices.


Just finished watching the Mario movie. I tried to watch it objectively but then I saw the Mario Bros. commercial play with the Super Show theme and I had the biggest grin on my face the whole movie.


I'm back with another Games That Time Forgot, and it's Mario related! Link in the comments. Late night bump!


So who's excited for the new Barbie movie?


Games That Time Forgot: Super Mario Land

The Super Mario Bros. movie is coming out soon (or has already come out by the time this goes up, depending on my schedule), you may have heard of it. I'm personally still torn on the movie myself, but there's no denying that it'...


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