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Until Dawn Critique

If you know what you’re getting into, and like the sound of it, then Until Dawn is a fantastic time. Just make sure you do actually know. It’s horror, but not the debilitating type where you’re terrified to move, like inA...


It's Interesting: HuniePop Review

HuniePop is the dumbest game I've played in 2014. And I fully expect it to stay that way come December. I don’t get the sense that HuniePot, the developer, intended me to laugh as much as I did during the eight hour inves...


Sex, You're So Much Worse Than Murder, Right?

Recently, I finished watching Oreimo, an anime about a brother who learns his little sister is not only an otaku, but a die-hard eroge player. To an outsider, Oreimo may appear even stranger than most anime � a feat in and of itself � but...


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