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I have Deathed the Stranding. Overall, pretty darn good. I have my minor gripes but its just a really unique game and I dig its aesthetic/world a lot. That final song is also a big ol banger, lordy.


So yeah Death Stranding is pretty interesting so far.


First full day of returning to apartment living. First day proper was a lil emotionally hard but I'm getting used to it again, been shopping and getting things set up as well as exploring the new city I'm in some.


Tomorrow after 3 years of living at home again, I move to a new city yet again, to pursue a PhD. Exciting but with a bit of melancholy too I spose.


Monterey Bay Aquarium was awesome. A really incredible place, highlights were the deep sea and tentacles exhibits for sure. Gonna have to come back and visit again, and check out cannery road more than a quick drive through. Cuttlefish were awesome.


Redwoods are fuckin incredible. Cali vacation has been fun but Muir Woods was magical.


Playing MGS V in between doing MHR stuff with friends and reached this point in the game. Been having fun, its a pretty well put together game and base building has always been entertaining for me so that aspects nice as well.


And HR100 achieved in MHR. Completed the associated quest which is referenced in the attached image, and having wrapped that can return to MR shenanigans.


Welp, beat Sekiro. Overall its pretty good-its an interesting game in terms of its approach to combat, more of a story focus, an MC thats pre defined and etc. Lotta great boss fights and it really makes you learn your tools and how to respond to attacks.


Almost done with the base story stuff of Rise, and then I'll be ready to roll on the DLC proper. Also been playing Sekiro and yeah, its good so far. We shall see how the rest be, currently dealing with the guardian ape.


Seeing roe v wade get struck down by a bunch of wretched husks-one of whom is married to someone who wanted the rightful election results overthrown-while they salivate over other protections they can gut sums up the current state o things don't it.


After stubbornly refusing to get it for less than 30 dollars, I've finally broken and gotten Sekiro. Yeah, s'alright so far. We'll see how I feel as I get farther into it.


Open world Souls ga-oh wait they did that.


Shame Silksong doesn't have a date set but I can wait. Scorn looks super gross and I'm totally here for it. Other than that Imma have to keep going through announcements but those are the two that stuck out to me.


Another #pettoid another excuse to share my doodle. 7 years old and still crazy.


Thesis is done with edits, and has gotten an approval signature. Basically means I'm done, barring a few more steps and getting my physical thesis copies to where they belong. Feels good.


Welp, beat Wasteland 3 again with what I think are probably the best results Imma get. Still a really lovely game overall, glad I finally got around to replaying it.


I have imbibed alcohol. To quote a phrase, is good.


Beat the Cult of the Holy Detonation in Wasteland 3. Overall, enjoyed it. Had some minor issues with it but it had some cool ideas and visuals. And its interesting to see the devs toy more with forcing ye to keep moving towards an objective under pressure


Beat Wasteland 3s Steeltown DLC and yeah, I thought it was pretty good. The mixed reviews kept me away for a while but after actually playing it I think they were kinda bunkum to be honest.


I've been thinking about Wasteland 3 a lot and hey, the dlc was on sale. So yeah, I bought it and replay has begun.


Thats fishfucker with a Masters Degree in Microbiology to you, tyvm.


The thesis is submitted to the university for edits and eventually binding and printing. I am a step closer to completion, with graduation this weekend.


I didn't realize the Wasteland 3 dlc added new tracks. They are, unsurprisingly, excellent. I should buy the dlc just as an excuse to replay it.


Neat to see Rogue Legacy 2 make it to 1.0, I grabbed it halloween of last year because I liked the first and yeah its been a fun time so far. The review reminded me to return to it, and I managed to K.O. the fourth boss so yeah. Back into the fray lol.


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