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Apparently I’m the only person who doesn’t use Spotify...


No more subtlety for Fire Emblem Heroes, I see.


Cursedmas season is upon us.


I wasn't expecting them to go back go CG intros! Also, this is being streamed simultaneously in like 7 different languages. And in case you are wondering, yes they did in fact cast Kira Buckland as Jolyne.


I did some research on Xbox controllers and apparently this releases the same day as Halo, so problem solved I guess!


Do Xbox controller triggers hurt anyone else's fingers or is it just me? Instead of making them rounded, they have a stupid sharp angle that digs right into my finger joint. Is this improved at all on Series controllers?


It’s been like five years for me, but the Xbox UI still kinda sucks, huh? Can I really not download two things at once?


The music seriously makes an enormous difference.


Took a trip to the Budget Storage today to exhume my Xbox One and elite controller so I could play Halo. The console was in its original box with no power supply or controller. Only usable one I found was this guy, basically brand new.


I can't believe they brought back stockpile.


Mario Party Superstars is a lot of fun, but what in the HELL is this garbage? Who thought this was okay?


Finally, a good Halo soundtrack after 11 years! It was released early by a foreign retailer so I don't know how long the video will stay up if you want a listen.


I used to be an adventurer like you


Last year I put ziploc bags of candy on my porch thinking some kids might show up despite the pandemic, but nobody did. This year somebody took the whole bucket. I guess I’d rather have one person get the candy than be stuck with it!


This new guy is officially the best Animal Crossing villager.


This guy in the livechat for the State of Play said it best:


Jeopardy update: After 12 games and 11 wins, my friend Jonathan has been dethroned. However, he will be back for the Tournament of Champions next season!


Saw a car with the best collection of bumper stickers ever: Among Us guy, a gold holographic sticker that just said “senpai”, one with Mako from Kill la Kill that said “forever broke”, and a speech bubble above the Jeep logo that said “big uwu e


Me: I wonder when the 4th season of Young Justice is ever going to come out? DC:


My friend Jonathan won every game of Jeopardy this week! When will his reign of terror end?


Metroid Dead. Because Samus killed them.


See, this is how you make a thumbnail without spoilers!


Whoo! My friend Jonathan won again! Easily, I might add.


My old friend Jonathan was on Jeopardy last night and ended the champ's 38-game streak! He's on again tonight (obviously) if anyone wants to check it out.


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