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ANNOUNCEMENT: I have two extra invites to Multiversus that I will put in the comments if anyone wants them.


Won my first match of Multiversus, using Jake in free-for-all mode. I legitimately have no idea how I won. I got one KO and was KOed once, and ended up with nine points. The match was like 90 seconds long.


Gonna share the Amphibia credits in the comments since somebody posted it on Twitter.


Well, Comcast got it together and didn't put the Amphibia finale up early for on demand streaming. They weren't supposed to last week but did it anyway. Guess I'll have to watch live and then miss the end credits because Disney will cut them off.


My two favorite soundtracks in the whole series.


I just finished Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and I would like all future video games to please look like this. WAY more impressive than photorealism.




The best censorship in the history of anime was when they edited the shirts in Dragon Ball Z to say HFIL instead of HELL, and then said that it stood for the Home For Infinite Losers.


I always used to see clips of people absolutely melting bosses in Borderlands games and wondered how they did that. Well, my turn has now come in Wonderlands. I’m way too damn strong.


Apparently some of you guys didn’t know you could turn off the Switch. Holding down the power button on the system for a few seconds is the only way to access the “power options” menu, for some reason.


The Switch is five years old, and there’s still no way to remotely power and and off your system.


Gilbert Gottfried’s final role was God on Smiling Friends, and I think that’s pretty cool.


i showed you my triforce pls respond


This guy is a legend. I’ve never seen anyone else so accurately recreate old video game music.


Apparently they had Pibby singing over a corrupted Adult Swim sign off last night. I wonder how many people actually saw this. I watched till the programming looped at 3 and I thought it had been over for a while.


Damn it, I stayed up for three hours watching random Adult Swim shows to see where this Pibby thing was going and it went nowhere!


It’s officially the 10th anniversary of the greatest April Fool’s joke ever conceived.


You know how I know Amazon Prime is a bs ripoff? I preordered this with free standard shipping and it gave me an estimated delivery date of April 1-4. GUESS WHEN I GOT IT?


More like SaturGAY, am i right?


So, I can watch new episodes of The Owl House and Amphibia on Friday nights through Xfinity on demand. Everything is different now.


I can’t believe it worked!


Mar10. Looks like it’s Martin Day once again!


Do I want to be playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land right this very minute? Yes. Do I want to spoil the game for myself before it comes out? No. I must resist!


I almost have a full team now! At this point, I honestly hope they all end up matching.


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