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Douche-a-thon 09! (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1 [17:14] <%Doucherox> Douche Dreadd [17:14] <DoucheBox> The Douchenator [17:15] <scooby_giboo> GI Douche [17:15] <Dr_BadDouche> Another Brick in the Douche [17:15] <%Doucherox> I Know Why...


[NVGR] 10 Things You Didn't Know About Fusion

It seems "10 Things You Didn't Know" lists are popular today, so being the sheep I am, I'm going to follow the herd and do my own! If you want to know how a Fusion gets to where he is now, then read on! 10. Runescape turned me off MMOs ...


Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf or Death [NVGR]

Nowadays, everything is way over produced. CGI and other drastic post-production edits seem to occur with every TV show or film out. The love and care and craft that goes into making films and TV shows seems to have all but evaporated. Th...


Wilbo and Fusion's epic Left 4 Dead encounter

We all know that Left 4 Dead is now being overrun by the whiny Halo 3 players that insist on shouting racial and homophobic slurs to anyone in the direct vicinity. Now we have proof. Whilst myself, WIlbo and halfleft were having a nice kind...


Amazing package is amazing

Well, today has been pretty crappy. My day went pretty shit and I couldn't wait to get home. I got home and this was waiting for me: Sent by the wonderful Tiff Chow it completely cheered me up to no end. Even the box looked awesome: ...


Why I love Destructoid (Short blog)

I'm relatively new, only been here about 3-4 months or something like that and a lurker before then, but in those 3-4 months I've felt so accepted straight away. And last night just sealed the deal for me. For those unaware, it was a day t...


So...I finished Braid!

And that above is what happened to my mind. It was well and truly blown. It's taken me forever to actually collect all the puzzle pieces and I haven't started with the stars yet because that will take me even longer, but Braid is by far o...


Why I actually like Britain (NVGR)

Yes, I did indeed just say I like Britain. Through all the crime, absolute morons and ridiculous weather there is actually some good lurking beneath the disgusting layer of crap. Now, shock horror, I actually have another love other th...


GameDaily HUD

Just thought I'd share something that I'm pretty proud of. I managed to somehow worm my way onto a weekly panel about video games where I force more of my opinions onto more people, which is always fun. Destructoid's very own Nick Chester ...


Rhythm Tengoku Gold is the must fun...ever!

I only know I tiny bit of Japenese (Yes and No) so I struggled through the menus to even get into the game. After finding a translation on the internet, I worked my way through and finally got to the game itself. For those of you who don'...


Video game papercraft. How I spent my Sunday

Well, today has been a truly eventful day. So eventful in fact that I decided to do something I hadn't done in years. Papercraft! Now when I mean "in years", I mean I don't even remember the last time. So thanks to http://www.cubeecraft.com...


"Summer of Arcade." Is it any good?

First off, the name "Summer of Arcade" is a bit misleading since it only really lasts through August, with a few days of July in there. However, this is my only problem with it. Every Wednesday throughout this month has been amazing so far....


Introducing... myself

Well, I thought I may as well make myself known on the C-Blogs. I managed to stumble across Destructoid a long time ago, but never made an account here. However, recently I've been looking for a new community to join and thought Dtoid would...


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Hailing from the land of Britain, I write about games and pass it off as a "real job." I write for a number of sites, one of which is Console Monster I own an Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and a PS1. (I know..a real selection) I love anything that is challenging and features something more original than a space Marine. I love the early LucasArts adventure games (back when adventure games actually had adventure in them) as well as some little known gems of the gaming world.

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