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Hello, Thanks to the unending disqus shithole, and Dtoid technical issues (apologies if this ends up being double post), I almost missed this kick ass song. This is honestly the coolest thing, I am blown away by it! Can't say thanks enough.


Merry Christmas Dtoid, much love to all of you. Always a treat going through the Xmas posts, glad everyone tried to make the best of the day. Highlight for me, when I was putting little funk(3yrs) to bed, he said “I loved my Christmas”. Very cute.


Howdy friends. Got through another game recently, the Touryst on Switch. Awesome atmosphere, and a great game with headphones in short bursts. The downside, it has some BULLSHIT platforming sections, but overall I think it’s worth playing I had fun.


Since my little one is a bit older and actually sleeping, been getting some game time. Finally got around to the Ratchet and Clank remake. I never name the series as one of my favourites weirdly, because I always love playing them, had lots of fun.


It’s been a wild few weeks. I’m in Kamloops BC, this past week it was over 45C(113F) 3 straight days. Then we got a storm, over 80 lightening strikes on surrounding hills, now everything is on fire. I’m hanging in there. Picture is from Thursday.


I must announce due to my satisfaction, I have successfully logged back in to the front page. My email from disqus took so long, didn’t think it was going to happen. It was so much effort, I feel compelled to actually comment on the front page again :)


My Bday, got the day off and the chance to see all the discussion in live time. Let me say, this place isn’t perfect, nothing is, but what I see is a collection of good hearted people. Very weird, sometimes horny, but always my friends. Love to all of y


Still a very unique and treasured experience of mine, catching up on a day’s worth of dtoid before bed. An awesome titty article (equally awesome comment section) with an appearance from Elsa! Can’t beat that.


Happy Birthday Dtoid. Nothing to add really that hasn’t already been said, but the site has my sincere gratitude for giving me a really cool group of online buddies. Thanks to Papa and all the really talented people that have worked on it over the years


I’ll recommend Super Blood Hockey for #Indietoid. It plays very similar to nes ice hockey, but has some great humour and rpg elements. I played through a few seasons had a lot of fun. Usually cheap on the switch.


Finished Mario Sunshine, enjoyed it very much, though not as much as back in the day. Still love the setting, but It can be frustrating, some levels are miserable. Got 70 shines no desire to get the rest, but glad I finished it.


A little late, but it was so good seeing all you folks, feels rude not to share at this point. #selfitoid


Glad to see a lot of you folks enjoyed the Direct today. I am unreasonably excited for Mario Golf! I love sports games with story modes for some reason, that’s going to be an awesome game for this summer!


Have to make a Mario 64 related gaming confession in comments.....


Just finishing up the Messenger. Overall, I’ve had fun with it. I think at times it follows the old-school design of Ninja Gaiden a little too close, as it causes some frustration. It did really draw me in though, glad I made it to the end.


Wife and son were out today so got some peace and quiet on New Year’s Day! Original Fright Night was on, watched the entire thing. Still love that movie, Roddy McDowall is so good in it, genuinely funny and endearing.


Merry Christmas fam. Got some cool stuff, little one had fun, good day overall. Here is a portrait my wife got me of our family simpsonfied.


Hello my sexy friends. Question for you, has anybody played the Outer Worlds on Switch? It’s a game I really want to play, but wondering if the performance issues have gotten better since they patched it.


I again apologize to the artists this will offend, I just love these so much. I offer the latest art restoration from Spain. Ha!!!


A little late to the party on this one, happy birthday Mike! Hope you had a great day.


I just want to say, many things in my life are a source of disappointment. You beautiful people never let me down though. The comments gave me a much needed laugh as well. Much Love


Been playing Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on Switch. Art direction is great, provides a bit more of a challenge than I expected, but never to bad. It has some old school design elements as well that get in the way, but Overall I really like it.


Hmmm... Apparently a brain destroying amoeba has been found in Florida. That makes a lot of sense actually.


Happy Saturday! I got animal crossing for Father’s Day, so I’m going to get started today. Possible Island names, Coolbreeze Cove or Summerset Isle? I think I’ll call my guy Finn. Haven’t played one of these since GameCube, so looking forward to i


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