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Just finished painting the tiniest Gerbera Tetra, from the Ensemble line of kits. Artorias is present for scale.


Well now these are pretty dang adorable.


Finished vol 1 of The Nice House on the Lake last night. Not the kind of horror I was initially expecting but damn was it enthralling. It cemented my love of James Tynion IV and the art by Alvaro Martinez Bueno gave a the whole thing a creepy, pulpy vibe.


Limo, Prins, and I will be starting our casual nuzlocke race through Platinum for Extralife at 1230 EST. Come help us name our mons and watch us generally bumble our way through a Pokemon game for charity. Forgot Link: https://tinyurl.com/watchlfp


Happy Halloween weekend Dtoid! At a mutual wedding with the one and only Shibboletho. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Recently watched The Vast of Night om Amazon and I loved it. It's a film that, while not outright scary, sets a tense and gripping atmosphere with very little actually happening onscreen. Slow burn with Nightveil vibes.


NASA's Webb Space Telescope recently took new pics of the Pillars of Creation and they are absolutely stunning.


River City Saga Three Kingdoms is pretty rad so far. That's all.


Limo recently got me back into Returnal after a long hiatus and I was able to beat it for the first time over this last weekend. It was a fantastic game overall and one of my favorite experiences of the current generation.


Prins and I were messing around with the photo mode in Monster Hunter Rise last night.


The newest Magic set has a bunch of unreasonably cute cards.


Finally, Marvelous made a farming game just for me.


Just Torch, Renaud, and myself enjoying a little weekend Monster Hunter.


My copy of Regicide came in. The rules are freely available online and turn any 52 card deck into a cooperative dungeon crawler. I just thought I'd throw some money towards the creators and artist behind the project since these cards are beautiful.


I've been building these kits wrong this whole time.


Playing through Trek to Yomi makes me feel like I rented a bunch of old VHS tapes from my local video store. It honestly makes me miss when I used to ride my bike to the ratty little video store near my house on Saturdays and rent whatever they had.


Been getting into Battletech and painted up my first mecha boys.


Took a long walk through the nearby parks and did a little shopping today. It was windy as all hell but nice and sunny otherwise.


Been reading Home Sick Pilots recently. It's sort of punk rock power rangers fueled by youth and vengeful ghosts and I really dig it. Plus the covers are stunning.


This is just where my brain resides now.


I thought about trying the new FromSoft game but I don't know if I'd stick with it all that long. It'd be nothing more than an Elden Fling.


Self-reflection is the greatest catastrophe of humanity, a sisyphean climb to a potential we believe we need instead of loving the person we already are....my top 3 games of 2021 are #3 Guilty Gear Strive, #2 FFXIV, #1 Rainbow 6 Siege.


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