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Ahh...going up in price after release, huh? The PS5 has become a JRPG.




Fibre FINALLY being installed this week. From stone age to superfast, I can't wait to be able to play games the same day I buy them. I might even upload random shit to youtube just because I can now. Catch me streaming my ceiling just to flex


SMT V Done, now on to Triangle Strategy or Pokemon Legends Arceus?


Shin Megami Tensei V. 56 hours in, I reach what I imagine is the final zone of the game...and I hate all 3 factions. I kinda don't wanna finish, none of you deserve to succeed :v


have a good weekend or else


Happy Xenoblade day I hope you...successfully obtain the sword made of Aliens...or whatever that game is about...Robots with tits? I hope you get all the robots with tits!


Happy Friday! I had one hell of a stressful day and only just got home (it's 10pm here) so naturally I'm sitting in my favorite chair playing the waterpipe and watching vtubers and I hope y'all are just as comfy!


let me hear it, say what you wanted to say, go on


Starfield doesn't have VATS so what's the point


I don't mean to doom post but...Shinzo Abe. What is going on, man.


I haven't really played a single player game in a while so it has been nice getting little sessions in on the train to and from work


Pfft, yeah ok whatever P5R sure anyway BIG NEWS P3P IS COMING TO SWITCH


SMT V has been fun so far, not too far into it yet to give a proper review but it's fun to be back on a turn based RPG. I will say though, compared to IV the music I've heard so far is WEAK! Boo! Hit me with them JAMS!


Damn I didn't know I could use my Bluetooth headphones with my Switch, when did that happen? Wasted £8 on a pair of shitty in earphones to play on the train guess I should have turned the damn thing on first :v


FF16 is the only reason I haven't picked up a Series S yet. This showcase better not be good...


I do need to play more indie games I feel like I'm missing out


yes lads all good wbu


transport strike and they still expect me to go in tomorrow hahahaha


If the hot female professor is only around in Scarlet it's a skip for me. Purple is the superior colour and you want me to take orders from a MAN?!


happy cheese biscuit day


Don't usually work weekends but HR said they'd make it worth my time, there's important deadlines they need to meet. I said ok, why not, got debts to pay so why turn down extra money right? Well you wouldn't believe what happened next... (clickbait)


yeah I scroll on the itnernet and type my funny little words and speak to my cool little peopel haha look at me I'm a hmuan


who asked


Watching Surgeon Suspicious on Friday, I haven't watched Wandavision so I can't wait to not understand half the film


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