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Aside from Ada’s new voice actor being Dwayne The Rock Johnson and or Ronda Rousey levels of bad acting and the omission of “Your right hand comes off?” I’d day RE4 is the perfect remake.


RIP Lance Reddick, you were taken too fucking soon grrr :(


Latest haul, rdy to hear Keanu, Gibson and Longo reminisce about the day when Will Gibson was done with Hollywood before he even started and the need for fucking room service.


I need y’all to buy Tactics Ogre so the sentient block chains that make up Square Enix’s management will bring more of those games and FF Tactics to modern platforms ;%20;


Instead of remaking the Lord of the Rings movies they should get Studio Ghibli to do an adaptation of the Hobbit.


We finally have an actual date for Baldur’s 3 and a PS5 release too might need to get it for that too. So damn excited!


Holy shit there is a Black and White Blu-Ray release of Johnny Mnemonic. Do need!


Okay so the combat stances actually looks to be making the combat even better!


Gotta say that Decapolice RPG from Level 5 looks pretty dope too, I especially liked its anti-cop vibes at the end which hopefully ir delivers on


Yay story DLC for Xenoblade 3. It doesn’t feature any of the characters from the game. Boooooo


You know what rhymes with time? It’s about damn Metroid Prime!!!


I need BioWare to make a Dragon Age Legendary Edition before Dreadwolf arrives. I wanna play DA2 again preferrably with some updated combat.


John Carpenter is a man of many talents, filmmaking, music but also to settle the debate of “Is it a remaster or a remake?” FF7 Remake is a remake, Nier Replicant is Refurbished. Done!


Yooooo Tango out here stealing Platinum Games’ Crown jewels with that slick stylish action. Hi-Fi Rush looks dope! Plus NIN music in the game? Do need


Jonny Greenwood giving a shoutout to the guy who sampled the entirety of In Rainbows with a Mario 64 soundboard is pretty based. Link to support said creator or downloading the album in the comments.


Enjoying One Piece Dragon Quest demo quite a bit might actually buy the game.


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