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I need to get a Series X so I can play my copy of Lost Odyssey again.


I brought Sinatra back from the dead just so he could perform at my low budget parents garage festival, yay!


Finished Xeno 3, really brilliant game, not sure what was happening in the ending but I enjoyed it.


I feel like Tim Rogers and Alex Moukala definitely deserved a nom for Content Creator at the Keighley Awards especially since the former took a massive strain on his health simply doing the Cyberpunk review *shrugs*


CNN is going live right now at the Tesla Office where Elon Musk is reading Curious George for his employees as he is being informed of the situation.


Robert Kurvitz and Aleksander Rostov, the former being the brain behind the world of Disco Elysium have now released a statement that claims they have been subjected to fraud in regards to their IP and company. This is all very Disco Elysium! Details unde


Black people in fantasy games? Nah man. Kaiju monsters though? Hell yeah brah!


Love the diversity in Xenoblade 3, it has so many well written black characters that don’t adhere to the Mr T or Blacksploitation stereotypes and they are all voiced by Black actors. Square and Atlus should look to Monolith for inspiration


Elon Musk is the kinda 12 year old incel who gets a guy to photograph him holding a sink so he can say “I’m Chief Twit now let that sink in” maybe not realizing that his joke is a self own. Also money can’t buy a sense of humor.


Yeeeah, okay, I finally get what people were saying about chapter 5 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 now..


Ah, I have an idea why Don’t I introduce you to IT. IT should keep you busy… Leon: Can’t remember the name huh? A senior moment perhaps? Ohohoho… enjoy the FUN


This might just be the funniest post ever


Remake 4 Leon parries a Chainsaw with a gun and or knife. Perfect.


It’s funny they made a movie adaptation of SH3 before they did SH2


Just when I thought I explored all of Xenoblade 3, in rides another giant ass area lol


Hideki Kamiya’s Twitter is now gone completely


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