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I just remembered that I actually did make Cohost when the Muskrat took over Twitter. So you can find me there as @ZieChris if you like! Adding some of y’all too!


MGS2 getting ported (finally) means we’ll finally get to experience this gem again.


Happy Birthday to the best Final Fantasy now where’s that frickin remaster?!


So anyway there’s a little guy.. is how you can descrive every Star Wars property these days I love it lol


You’re all legally allowed to post this today for various reasons.


I’m already ready for the official remake to not look anywhere nesr this good also dat voice acting!


I finally finished FF7 Remake after putting off for years and you know what? I underestimate it. It’s a really good game and I was really surprised by the amount of replay value. The different cutscenes and even side quests you can get through..


We assure you that the Development Team is hard at work on developing this Remake with a large pedigree of making video games don’t worry about it.


No survival horror game has ever done true horror the way video game conferences have with phrases like “Not actual gameplay”


Alan Wake 2 will be about Alan writing himself into the plot of John Wick 5


I can’t believe Dragon’s Dogma 2 has Black people in it, Naoki Yoshida told me that’s unrealistic.


Remember that time when Mario just straight up shot Bowser with a gun? Good times


I can’t wait for his solo film and wonder if this will tie into the Niels Bohr film they are planning for phase 2!


Finished Xenoblade Future Redeemed, frickin brilliant DLC and Matthew is a dope protagonist. Also DAT FINAL BOSS THEME HOLY CRAP


The pull up minigame in FF7 Remake is hell itself


What I really love about Jason Schreier’s book Press Reset is that he writes like a George RR Martin novel, POV characters, stories from people that all seem connected in some way. It’s really compelling, and informative, even if it is not fiction.


This totally not piece of dope ass battle music from a Square Enix game but rather Pochita from Chainsaw Man spinning to a nondescript piece of classic music slaps


These official shirts from Konami are quite something


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