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… this message repeats. … this message repeats. …


I saw Lightyear and found it delightful! Watching it in the same theatre where I first saw Toy Story sure was a treat as well. Also visited a Japanese garden today. Good day.


I was initially very disappointed that DALLE didn’t know who Enfys Nest (Star Wars) was or what The Drej (Titan A.E.) are, but for my third try it produced this and all is forgiven.


I like No Mans Sky a lot! But Starfield isn’t trying to do what NMS does. This only makes sense if you abide by the same logic that led people to say Breath of the Wild was better than Skyrim. Maybe? But they are truly different games. We’ll see I gue


Tomorrow Children this weird little communal Soviet art inspired game is coming back! I didn’t get to play it much originally but I loved it and haven’t ever stopped thinking about it. They say the micro transactions are gone as well! To glory comrade


Breaking the law by still enjoying Star Wars. You’ll never take me alive coppers (troopers?)! Apologies to those who are negatively impacted by clutter.


Happy birthday Torch. Here’s a video I saw 14 years ago.


Kane and Lynch 3? Please? Cmonnnn.


Happy birthday Occams


I’m off to see The Seepage of Düsseldorf. I’ll put thoughts in the comments afterwards. And answer questions if there are any? I feel like most people have written off ye ol Potter and his terf aunt. (I seent it! I enjoyed it. I don’t recommend it)


The annual difference between the second and third tier of the New PS Plus is $20. Why? Seems so arbitrary. There’s no way that $20 is the difference between being financially solvent or not on the overhead of this service. What gives?


To Aloy! The once and future king!


This kinda sums up my feelings on the recent Dtoid related situation. I will miss you all very much.


Is anyone streaming Elden Ring? It’s the extremely rare kind of game I would rather watch than play. Shoutout to Mamekuma who’s VOD I’m watching now. Where y’all at?


Hello! I accidentally visited the front page today and saw that a new Destructoid Show released… *checks notes* today! It’s on Snapchat which is super weird, but you can watch it in browser without logging in. Check it out! The link is in the comments


I have nothing nice to say, so I’ll leave it at this. I have no patience for PC emulation. I really enjoy playing very old games on Xbox and PlayStation.


I had to choose. Spoiler or picture. So, no context. I’m almost mad at myself for enjoying it so much. It was so stupid! I loved it for all of the reasons a horror fan should. I went in COMPLETELY blind! Thanks to those who recommended but we’re caref


This Robot That is a Panda wants the RoboPanda to fill the birthday. Fill it. With joy. Until it bursts… with joy. Happy Birthday!


Here is my horrible no good very bad opinion on the 343 Halo games. 5>Infinite>4. I understand if this means I have to be kicked out. It’s been an honor serving with you all.


I always buy games made by the studio Spiders but rarely end up playing them. They always look fascinating. Steel Rising is no exception. Looks great! I must make time for these!


I have stats too! Look at my values! Am I not defined?!


Happy 10 year anniversary to the Squidbear game! That concert was kinda lovable. Hope your days were swell and your adventures fulfilling. Just remember the main quest is fine but side stuff is what makes the experience “yours”. True for life and Skyr


That squid bear game is having a live streamed concert at 11am (I think?) PST from the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Just in case someone wanted to know that.


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