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Game time is you time. Enjoy that time. Dodge the zombies. I wrote a review blog about ICO where I overshare my bias thoughts on a recent replay of that game.


My ICO Review

"Ico [was] one of the first games that tried to evoke emotions from the player. Ico was the starting point and proof that emotions can exist in games, kind of a wake-up call for designers. " - Josef Fares , creative director of Brother...


10 Games I've Almost Finished

IMAGES ON DTOID ARE NOT UPLOADING. WAITED LONG TIME SO POSTED ANYWAY.   It is good to finish things, even if only to be able to reflect on the attempt. Time will add to the disbelief you made with sanity, body and/or loved ones in...


Me: I can emulate anything easily and perfectly. The emulation:


Let's all play more in 2023. Happy New Year.


I would like to help everyone with their projects but I can barely finish my own. Here is a thing I made, somehow finished, from an episode I adored from a podcast. Never stop trying for what you want to see happen.


I've never had any talent with racing games but I have even less with racing missions in action adventure games.


ICO has 2-player coop mode on New Game+. Never knew this until now. Get me Ms. Pacman 2-player mode so I can die happy.


My struggles include hesitation, timing and not living in the moment.


Be proud and stand your ground in the face of defeat.


Old news/media but, ...yea, yeah alright. I'm down for this. (it's a point n'click adventure game for those who steer clear of those).


What you look up late into the night will reveal you deepest desire. Me :


We all go down sometime but we also somehow manage to get back up.


This game sent me back to Demon Souls or Celeste for a more relaxing playtime. My pets now think I now have anger issues.


Weekend be invaded by sober thoughts like:


I tried some PS2 capturing. Tried Maximo and someone watching me play thought you played the whole game as Maximo in his underwear. Turns out my health was just always low. Gamer pride hurt.


This list is better than any I could pull together: https://www.fandomspot.com/underrated-psp-games/


Am convinced by now that people/overlords just keep these games hidden from me.


I wish all first levels showed this much promise.


Game is real good. Me bad for letting rot on shelf.


Getting myself one of them outdoor hobbies.


About Eggsone of us since 5:31 PM on 02.07.2021

These days I'm lucky if I finish 3 games a year, so I thought maybe I'll write about my old time war stories of memory cards and arcades might gets clicks and make that time seem worth it for more than just me. One can hope.

I enjoy reading, writing and gaming and sometimes those three all happen at once.
I enjoy old books, old music, old movies and pretty much getting on like a cantankerous old man.

I have more games in my-to-play list than I have remaining years on the earth.
Enjoy reading blogs rather than writing my own so I think I'm in the right place.

If you read what I wrote about what I played, then maybe you'll play what it was I wrote about and then you'll write about what you played so then I can read it and the circle prevails.