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So I stumbled across the fun fact that Dale North (former Dtoid EIC) is working on the music for a new game called Dreamscaper. Thought I would share for the interested.


The CPU bug woes aren't just on Intel and the Meltdown bug anymore. Spectre the second bug affects virtually every CPU from Intel, AMD, ARM. Spectre will also be much more problematic to fix. Some of the biggest bugs ever in modern computing.


Fan bearing went bad on my 1080. Only about a year old :(.


Electrical Engineering classes never change.


Got a Switch for my birthday yesterday, but having problems finding a good case (already returned two an Insignia and some other brand). Any recommendations?


Not sure who here follows Hearthstone but I finally managed to cross off hitting Legend from my bucket list.


Heard rumors about it but didn't expect it to literally be the day after!


Don't play it often and it may just be the weekend but it's really disheartening how toxic the Overwatch community (at least the competitive side) is right now.


On vacation but enjoy my crafter in FFXIV since everyone else is doing it before SB.


Happy birthday Occams. May your ever wise tongue continue to grace our ears for many years to come.


Photo upload is still broken without adblock, but you can use Electric Reaper' advice and the image below if you have adblock to view comments without disqus ads. https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Electric+Reaper/adblock-plus-and-easylist-advice


Happy birthday Morpho.


RE7 overall was pretty fantastic. Definitely has some pacing issues in the last third of the game, but still a great package. The ending reel in particular was a pleasant surprise.


Already had pre-ordered the game for 38$, but that RE review has it official. All aboard the 9PM/Midnight hype train.


Switch future (not launch) games seem pretty killer. Feel Splatoon 2 may be being sent to die with the paid online though.


Sorta regret buying Va-11-Hall-A for 15% off during the steam sale, but hey it's in a killer humble bundle if you didn't.


Resplendent black grandmother, bestower of secret decoder rings, and HR Giger if he also wrote fortune cookies. Thanks for keeping Dtoid fun Occams. #OccamsToid


Shout out to Doom for being twice the size of The Witcher 3, and 4 times the size of Dark Souls III.


Wish I had known they had updated the Steam discovery queue earlier. It's almost possible to sort through all the junk on steam with the ability to add as many custom tags as you want. You only get 3 tags on the storefront.


No FFXV on PC but The Game Awards let me pick up The Witness (20$) and Dishonored 2 (40$) for a cool 60$. That and of course the new Hearthstone expansion is out. Pretty great time to be a gamer on both platforms. [50 min left on steam for the interested]


There is going to be an unprecedented brain drain soon. I'll probably be taking part.


So far i've enjoyed the 8 hours i've played of Shadow Warrior 2. Steam reviews seem to think so as well. Definitely feels a bit like some design space was changed for Co-Op but it's certainly still fun in Singleplayer.


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