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Dtoid Chicago March: The Convention Month

Dtoid Chicago is gaining steam slowly. As the winter weather begins to part and more of us emerge from our winter shelters that we built on our couches, made of blankets and littered with half-eaten Pringles, we're looking at a spring/su...


Destructoid Chicago January: A New Year

Welcome your new inductees to Destructoid Chicago! Our group is new and scraping itself together. But with the front page heads-up from Hamza, the group's social networking strength has flourished and our ranks filled out a bit. So it'...


Dtoid Chicago December Events: The Quiet Month

Dtoid Chicago has had a quiet start, with only three to four events under the belt. So frantic is my current existence, that I missed my OWN NARP last month with the Room showing. If you guys showed up, thank you so much for contributin...


DtoidChicago is here -- Chicagoans unite!

Yet another city group. Why Chicago? Why now? We can't -- and won't -- answer those questions. But when there is something video game-related happening in or near Chicago that requires an invasion by the Destructoid Army, let us be your C...


About DtoidChicagoone of us since 3:34 PM on 05.01.2008

Welcome to the Destructoid Chicago group. This blog is meant for all Dtoiders that are in or near the Chicago area. With this wonderful centralized organization, the Chicago community can set up events, participate in NARPS, and come watch Godzilla movies at my house.

If you want to be added to the friend's list or want to set up some kind of party/event, then please just PM me.

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