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Confession: I Dislike Character Creation

So Fallout 4 came out recently, in case you hadn't heard, and with it a new generation of face tweaking, eyebrow primping, duck-face sculpting, and beard trimming. Yes, all things I despise when I start up a new RPG.I'd like to make two th...


What, precisely, is the difference between an upvote and a fap?


Oh god was I supposed to make an introduction blog before my first real blog? I don't know blog etiquette. Aw geeze.


Let's Talk About: Waypoints

Editor’s Note: Hey, I’m Steve. Please ignore my previous blog that I wrote a year ago. I’m kind of embarrassed about it, but I also can’t bring myself to delete it because I think it’s kinda cute. I write for a startup entertainme...


My Gaming Story: What the Hell are you Playing?

I had a rather unconventional start to my gaming career. It did not begin with Mario, Kirby or even that Zelda character I hear so much about (...wait, Link is the guy you play as?...oh...ok). Or even that Link guy. The start of my gaming c...


About Driverone of us since 9:24 PM on 06.22.2013

I'm Steve and I write about entertainment for a smallish startup. Fun fact: I'm also an ex-school bus driver at the age of 23. What a weird phase of my life.

I play as many games as I can, but even for the ones I know I never will, I sure do read a lot about them. Actually I read weekly reviews for TV Shows I have no intention of watching either, so that's something. I should probably get it checked out.

I've always liked the community here and am looking for ways to get better involved in the video game journalism world/community as a whole.

You can find me:
On Twitter: @driver194
On Steam: Audiosmile92
PSN: Audiosmile