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If you got enough of the Will Smith, Chris Rock thing I suggest taking a look at any "discussion" about the best song award. Beyoncé fans are livid, Eilish fans are overwhelmed by vitriol and L-M Miranda fans are also there. Quite entertaining indeed.


R.I.P. Taylor Hawkins He seemed nice and played the drums good.


So my Linux potato is good enough to run 20 year old Deus Ex. Will be nice to play something on a real screen again.


I think Lana Del Rey would easily beat Taylor Swift in a fight.


Wrestling Empire is now an open world game cementing their status as best recent wrestling game.


I wish everyone merry Women.


The new NJPW mobile game is much better than the AEW mobile game because AT LEAST IT FUCKING WORKS.


I listened to some old school dubstep (looong before Skrillex) and while I get the appeal it is a bit boring for my taste. Unrelated: I watched some Cowboy Bebop (anime of course) and while I get the appeal it is way too fucking boring for my taste.


Left the elevator on the wrong floor making a teenage girl think I am some weirdo stalker just because I have absentmindedly mistaken her for the teenage girl from my floor. Why do all teenage girls look the same?


Do you need to be a synesthete to understand music reviews?


Some good words: waffle, onomatopoeia, xylophon, syntax, lynchian, queue Bonus German word: Schniedelwutz


What fucked up timeline are we living in when Choice Provisions releases a bad endless runner?


Quick Opinion that nobody asked for: I just watched Mother!. Great acting, terrible movie.


Are there laws that forbid video streaming platforms to have more than one movie of a movie series?


I thought until now that The Mandalorian is about Boba Fett. There was a time where the chances of a Star Wars live action show where I wouldn't know stuff like that for 2 years would have been 0%. Am I out of touch? Nah, it's Disney who are wrong.


Y'all have been right. Shin Godzilla is a freaking masterpiece.


Which one is the Godzilla movie that everyone loves?


Got bored by Wordle after a few days. This is my new jam: https://wikitrivia.tomjwatson.com/


Looks like Youtube music it is for the Spotify migration. While Tidal does have a better payout for artists I dislike that the first thing you see on their site is several ways to pay them but the free option is obfuscated.


A few days ago a stranger randomly flirted with me. Yesterday a woman was undressing me with her eyes in passing. Guess I am hot now. About time short fat dudes get their turn.


We seriously need to retire the "So it's better than A link between Worlds?" joke. Please! I beg you! And while we are at it: I can see John Cena and so can you!


Supervisor: "Have you been on time today?" Me:"I have been on MY time" Supervisor:"... ... ... ok" A shame this won't last


Idea for a Black Mirror episode: There is this technical thingamajig and all of society revolves around it. The main character realizes that the doodad is actually bad. In the end society stays the same but the protagonist dies or whatever.


That was almost good. Wordle 207 4/6 ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛🟩⬛🟩🟩 ⬛🟩⬛🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩


I remember back in the day when TV shows resolved a seasons story and put a cliffhanger at the end of the season. These days some shows finish their stories early in the following season and I don't think I like that.


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