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Maybe AI art isn't completely useless.


They're remaking The Room with Bob Odenkirk for charity. There's still good out there.


Is "Zelda - Tears of Don King" too many layers? I can go with "Zelda - Tears of the Dom King" too. Which one is better to communicate that I desperately want to be funny still but am just becoming an old man afraid of being deemed uncool by the kids?


WTF is going on with movie aspect ratios these days?


PSA: When fishing in Hades it isn't random what fish you catch. It is based on your reaction time. Only learned that after over 300 hours. Suddenly it got pretty easy catching legendary fish I have never even seen before.


What even is Donkey Kong's job? What is he wearing that tie for?


Not sure antagonizing a whole species by calling them Space Pirates was a smart thing.


Metroid Prime would really profit from a Resident Evil style 180° turn. Many games would.


I hope Nintendo know that they are now obligated to put GB Donkey Kong on NSO.


Damn, The Surge 2 is actually really really good. Like, better than it has any right to be.


Just watched Heat for the very first time if you can believe that. My main takeaway is that William Fichtner was super hot back in the day.


After 14 hours, Shin Megami Tensei 5 suddenly has a story. I am good either way, but it still caught me off-guard.


Favouritest game of the year goes to Vampire Survivors.


Best streaming service of the year goes to: Dropout Sure shows like The Boys, Peacemaker and Arcane are awesome but none of them are improvised musicals.


My favourite album of the year goes to: KMFDM - Hyëna and Tove Lo - Dirt Femme A two way tie? Yeah and it almost had been a 3 way tie with Charli XCX too. So what's the music that got you through the year?


"like a living Instagram filter" Ok so that Wednesday show doesn't want to be watched by me. Also who thought Wednesday Addams going to gothic school would be more interesting than her going to Nancy Reagan high?


I wish a relaxing Sunday to everyone not celebrating. And to the people celebrating, I give culturally appropriate greetings too.


My award for Most Recent Movie Watched 2022 goes to Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. A movie that was only released yesterday and that I just finished watching. There couldn't be a more deserving winner of this particular category. Truly deserving.


RIP Terry Hall, the maybe most relatable singer of all time. Truly and in the best sense "just a guy."


Damn, this looks good.


The highest-rated game on steam is a visual novel THAT ISN'T PORN. People still surprise me.


I sincerely love how Resident Evil bosses are scripted to die by the last bullet or shell in your inventory. It just fits the vibe of the games perfectly.


Hot Take: Nope, still can't think of anything. We're doing movies? Sorry, I am drawing a blank. And I am usually so good at being overtly negative.


Hot Take: I just woke up. Give me a few minutes.


This year's "game I play in the same year it released" is Cult of the Lamb. I came for the roguelite but I came from the basebuilding.


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