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Late sundogday




You ever accidentally type a password into a plain text field and you seeing just uncovered and written out and it makes you feel like someone just saw you naked?


Suddenly notifications!


Been a minute since a battleyroyale hooked me. Rumbleverse is a good time. Give it look if you got the appetite for a melee-based BR.


Dog butt Sunday. It's not a hashtag. It's just the truth.


Just finished a major upgrade to my PC and wanted to finish up Control, since it's the fanciest looking game I own, and going back into that game is impossible. There's no way to on ramp into what you were doing. Doesn't even tell you your abilities are.


Can confirm, The Looker is a great, free, little indie game. And actually a decent puzzler, along the way, at times. Worth it.


Any other typeface nerds out there? When given an option, what typefaces (aka fonts) do you choose and why? I am sending a nuke to anyone answering comic sans or wingdings. Thank you.


I'm gonna say this, and it might be the truest thing I've ever said: cats are the Pepsi of house pets.


Anyone else in the NYC area get slammed by that rain recently? That had to have been the hardest non-hurricane rainstorm I've ever experienced in my life. Lasted hours, on and off. Flooded by office basement and ground floor.


I'm now on Season 3 of the boys, and the number of times they've used internet blackmail as a vehicle for moving the plot forward is getting well past ridiculous.


If you use an alarm to wake up on time in the mornings, do you use a snooze function? If so, how many snoozes? For me, I have a kinda bizarre relationship to alarms and snoozes...


You know you're an introvert when you get a rush of energy from news about canceled plans.


I just discovered that e-ink monitors are a thing. A very expensive thing. 0 luminance coming off of it sounds like heaven.


Surpised to see no one here commenting on the OoT TAS run from GDQ. That shit was stunning.


Finish "Haiku, the Robot" and it's what the reviews were saying: A short, easy Metroidvania game that's a reconceptualized Hollow Knight. It throws one or two of its own wrinkles into the formula, but doesn't stray too far from Hollow Knight's footsteps.


{Wordtoid} Buggery and Bugger (a British term for Sodomy) is rather prejudiciously named after the country, and the people, of Bulgaria. Part of a general trend of Western Europe looking down on Eastern Europe, the word Slave is named for Slavic people.


Started watching The Boys and I cannot unhear them saying "soup" when they keep abbreviating Super to "supe". I like this show, mostly, so far, but that writing decision isn't a good one.


I mean, I know it's one of the generic twitch emotes, but this was a weird thing to spot.


We've let Jeff Gerstmann loose and now he has grown too powerful.


Am drunk, because exhausted.


I know it's not the worst price you can find out there now but this is the most I've paid at a pump, ever.


When you're watching a video of someone talking and you pause it on a really goofy frame, do you ever feel rude leaving it there? Like "I should find a less embarrassing frame to park this on, what am I an asshole?"


Alright, I don't wanna spam this place with all my lazy saturday wombo art, so I'll keep dumping them here into the comments.


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