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Enjoying TOTK and an afternoon old fashioned in a comfy chair. It's a nice, rainy Sunday over here.


Taking a long weekend in Chicago to see one of my favorite artists play a couple of shows and just hang out in the city. Am I excited? Yes. Am I already missing my cat dearly while sitting on the train and she's at home? Also yes.


Finally buckled down and played through Demon's Souls start to finish. If I'm ranking SoulsBorne games it's towards the end, but even then, I enjoyed the simplicity of it once I had a build I liked. Clocked in at 24 hours, and I love that.


blessings to hades 2 i have pass'd away


I'm just over here trying to cope with the fact we're already on the back half of the holiday weekend. Seeing just how much game Wild Turkey and I can milk out of this Saturday. MAKE ME YOUNG AGAIN WT101.


Sunday night hockey cheers from Chicago, qtoid


Really wanna nab Signalis, and now that I have a Steam Deck I get to agonize over which handheld system I want to get it for, or whether I want it on Playstation - I love buying too much tech!


Very nice promotion was made official at work today, less than a year since starting with the firm, so we celebrate tonight. Monday night cheers all.


In one of those real deep gaming funks lately, where nothing's interesting or captures my attention. I know the best thing is to enjoy some other hobbies until it passes, but I love my weekend morning gaming sessions. Anyway, here's a cat.


My DM: Okay, roll for stealth, disadvantage


Hi qtoid, happy Friday, I have Started Tattoo


I DID start Returnal today, I HAVE made it to the third biome, and this game IS fucking awesome. This is exactly the kind of intense muscle memory drenched-in-sweat-and-an-inch-from-death sci-fi horror romp I needed.


Wrapped up 13 Sentinels and grappling with the classic "what next?" dilemma. After such an engaging story I feel like I need something more actiony. Maybe try Returnal or Scarlet Nexus or something? Decisions decisions.


Is Sunday. Work tomorrow. Tampa lost the Stanley Cup. Am drunk. Is bueno.


Ending my Elden Ring break at ~2 weeks because I saw The Northman yesterday (loved it) and I now have a deep hunger for Fantasy Violence and Mysticism.


Any Zeal & Ardor fans here? Just heard the newest record a few days ago and fuck me, that shit is tight.


Gotta be real - I love Elden Ring, but at 90 hours I'm really feeling its length. Burnout combined with the the sheer difficulty of the later areas is just a rough combination. Feel like I need a vacation to refresh for the final stretch.


r/movies top tier april 1st bit


Good news: no more build anxiety in Elden Ring because I just remembered about power stancing and who needs intelligence and magic when you can just have large muscles and Two Big Swords?


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