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Roughly 29 hours later, that's the majority of SD Gundam Battle Alliance dusted. Still need a few clears on normal and to test the waters of hard mode. Though somewhat repetitive, I enjoyed it. Gundam Latreia model kit when, Bandai?


Happy almost Xenoblade 3 day! And digimon survive day, I guess, if you're feeling optimistic. Haven't decided on that one yet.


And that's the Blue Lions route down. Played the final battle with a cover of "Edge of Dawn" playing on repeat, naturally. Think I'll return to Three Hopes and some miscellaneous other games while waiting for Xenoblade 3. Looking forward to it.


Burned out before I could finish any of the routes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, given I played little else. On the plus side, it did give me a reason to finally go back to 3 Houses and try the DLC/other routes. Should be fun.


I got mail! Been waiting on this one for months, good to finally have it. Shame that such a cool design ended up being P-Bandai, though. P-Bandai is a cruel mistress.


First run of Nioh 2's main game is done. Had a great time. Going to mix up my weapon types for the DLC and NG+ modes for however long they hold interest. Some spoiler-y thoughts in the comments.


Thoughts on Nioh 2 so far: Love the weapon variety. Love the player grave mechanics. Hate fighting human bosses - the margin for error is heavily skewed against you in a way that feels cheap. Mainly using Switch-Glaive and Spear.


Needed a new "deep dive" game to get into, after Elden Ring stopped being that for me a while back. Settled on Nioh 2. Liking it so far. Also, I had my laptop upgraded with a 2 Terrabyte secondary drive. Let the digital hoarding commence!


Put a few hours into Guild of Dungeoneering: Ultimate Edition. In short: I don't recommend playing it, but also don't regret buying it. Kinda bland/repetitive, occasional frustrating RNG, some interesting ideas here and there.


Done with my first run of Rogue Legacy 2. Better than the first in basically every way, and fairly flexible with difficulty options. Would recommend. Going to mess with the NG+ stuff on and off between other games.


Verdict on the MG Hyaku Shiki Crash: Looks great, has a few parts that fall off easily, hate the hands and getting them to hold stuff. MAILes Byakuchi for scale.


Just got mail! The Master Grade Hyaku Shiki Crash arrived. Looking forward to the build. It's only my second master grade gunpla. Won't be hard to outdo the first, though, the MG Exia Dark Matter was kind-of a mess.


Despite agreeing with basically every criticism it has gotten, I really enjoyed Rune Factory 5. I hope despite critical reception it has done well enough for the series to live on. I have too many fond memories of the games to want them gone for good.


Picked up Rune Factory 4 Special on a whim a week ago. Forgot how good this game is. Spent most of my play wearing a pumpkin on my head. Kinda want to get the sequel now, even if its reviewed pretty badly.


As of a while ago, done with my first plays of Elden Ring and Triangle Strategy. Far into NG+ on the former, and a little on the latter. Time well spent. Think I'm going to go on a visual novel kick for a while for a change of pace.


So excited for Shin Megami Tensei V in a few days. One of two releases this year I looked forward to for ages, and it's almost here. Nothing else attracted similar hype, so it feels nice to actually be excited for a game again.


Impressions on the DLC for Animal Crossing: -Design systems are fairly in-depth, if you want them to be. -Can't terraform your island with the DLC systems, unfortunately. -Getting a unique currency and not Bells for your work sucks. -Monkey.


It's my birthday! I had pizza. Twas good pizza. That is all.


New model kit get! 30MM Ciel Nova with option parts. First time I've built one of the line, definitely see the appeal. Quick build + lots of custom potential = good times.


Axiom Verge 2 was...odd. It wasn't as frustrating as the first could be at times, but it also didn't attract any strong emotion whatsoever during the ~10 hours or so it took to end it. In a word: "Neat", I guess?


Latest addition to the desktop / bookshelf warriors: The RG Crossbone Gundam X1. Tis a neat little thing. Cool weapons, decent articulation, only real downside is the tiny size of some parts is intimidating to work with.


22 minutes, 2 carts, and 2 failed previous attempts later, first clear of Magnamalo in Rise! Could have done a lot better, but eh, I'll take it.


Not sure I'll watch all of it, but I started the OG Gundam to kill time before MH:Rise. Honestly expected it to be much more jarring to watch such an old series. I'm liking it so far.


Took a while, but Kamen Rider Saber's theme song has grown on me. I don't generally skip it anymore. The series itself has been been steadily improving since the end of the first arc a while back. Hope the momentum keeps up.


I wasn't expecting much, but Monster Hunter Stories turned out to be ridiculously charming. There are some annoying / poorly explained aspects, but its good overall. I hope the sequel takes everythin it does right and improves on that base...


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