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The Humble Indie Bungle 3 - The Stanley Parable HD

CousinDupree stared blankly at�his computer screen while�pawing ineffectually at it's keyboard. He was racking his brain. How on earth was he going to talk about The Stanley Parable? With it's multiple endings, hilarious premise and seem...


Zelda is Hella Stylin!

What's this? My last two blogs had nothing to do with Nintendo? In the words of Sam the Eagle in Muppet Treasure Island: This looks UNSAFE! But fear not troubled reader, I come bearing good news! Today I'm going to talk about that most c...


The Humble Indie Bungle 2 - The Yawhg

This blog is primarily about hugging.� I've come to the conclusion that�The Yawhg, in�many ways, is like a good hug. I'll explain this a little later, but for now let's talk about the actual game. The Yawhg is the story of a�medieval ci...


The Humble Indie Bungle - Balloon Diaspora

Our brains work in very�mysterious ways. Sometimes a brilliant idea will hit us all of a sudden. Sometimes a moment of intense inner turbulence will be met - all at once - with a moment of intense inner revelation. Sometimes our brains w...


Confessions of a Review Score Junkie

kjhkjhkihkk 8.8? Are you fucking kidding me? Shit goddamn.�I'm going to have to slit some throats over this one. What the fuck is wrong with you Jeff Gerstmann? Why would you�ever give a Zelda game less than a 10? I hope you're happy!�Miya...


The Secret of Spelunky

Recently�I've been watching (and thoroughly�enjoying) The Daily Spelunk.�Apart from acting as a constant and painful�reminder of my own ineptitude at the delicate�art of Spelunky, it's also reignited my fascination with the game. There ...


Art Styles? More like FART Styles!

I am�really excited for The Wonderful 101. I've�been�really excited for The Wonderful 101 for a while now. It is, ostensibly, a balls to the wall action game. This is not a genre I've ever played a great deal of or�been particularly inter...


Short Intro and a List

I was always a movie guy. Over the past two years I've come to realise that video games are an incredibly powerful medium to tell stories with. Much more than I initially thought. It turns out that�video games are the best, you guys. It�s j...


About CousinDupreeone of us since 5:19 AM on 12.23.2011

Video games right? Ahahahahahaha.

I'm a self avowed Nintendo bitch. I can't help myself. There is something about that portly plumber that gets me every time. He can plumb my depths any day of the week.

I also like other games though. I promise.

Favourite game of all time? Majora's Mask!