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After over 10 years my PC is finally starting to kick the bucket. What a way to start 2023.


To all you fine people of Qtoid.


I hope everyone had a fine Christmas today.


Looks like there is a present for the Rayman fans this year after all.




Looks like I finally need to replace my old phone. Anyone want to give me some recs?


Happy belated birthday wishes Ninja & Frosty.


Not sure how many of you guys live in Maple Leaf country like I do, but today has been one "interesting" case in why monopolies will help cause the end of civilization.


Some part of childhood dies for each year that keeps going by.


Burger king Berlin's Mother's Day Pregnancy Promotion Burgers for expecting mothers! (Tater you prepared us for this whether it was intentional or not)


What a coincidence that Acti-blizz's new "Diversity Tool" was announced a few days after these started appearing.


Happy Birthday BurgerTater! You've shown me that there's more to burgers than what's on promotion at the local joint. Both tantalizing and sometimes disgustingly horrifying!


To Occams! May you find a set as red and pulsing as your gums on your special day.


Hard to believe KH4 is announced it almost feels like last year that it released.


Happy Birthday to all of you. Limo! Vxxy! And Jetter!


With the Pokemon announcement after Elden Ring, Legends of Arceus, and a whole other host of good games coming out it feels pretty overwhelming at the moment.


In surprising (but happier) news. Well I wonder how many old fans are on this site.


That launch trailer almost makes me wish I had a PC (or PS5)that could run Elden Ring. Guess I'll have to just enjoy it from the sidelines.


Welcome to the future. (Reminder that Human Revolution is going to happen in 5 years from now)


So anyone kept up with the whole Battlefield 2042 disaster?


This year is already getting off to a memorable start!


Well it's now 2022 and we've all seen what events take place this year.


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