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Oh boy. Techraptor certainly is a site. Wew.


The current arc of Dragon Ball Super is shaping up to be pretty good. Hope it doesn't bungle it at the end, as it's been a fun ride so far.


The Disgaea 2 PC port announcement is the perfect time for me to tell you all that Phantom Brave is also on the PC, and the port is super nice. Worth the $20, easily.


Along with delays comes salt. Delays are usually a good thing, though, so it's always goofy to see people being salty about it. And I kinda agree with Square's reasoning for delaying FF XV.


Hearthstone's newest expansion looks pretty underwhelming. Especially if you're a Priest player. Those Priest cards do not look good.


I just watched the Pokemon XYZ anime ED revolves around Pikachu and ketchup. It's so dumb, I love it. https://twitter.com/Maru%20/status/761188896705175552


Exeggutor with the deepest lore. This is from some really old art. Obviously, I'm not the first to point this out.


Whelp, just grabbed Phantom Brave on PC. This is like the 4th time I've bought the game.


Nintendo posted this to celebrate their last Splatfest. Kinda somber, if you ask me.


People already getting upset about no Sonic Adventure 3(even though the stream is not over). I dunno if I can sympathize. Sonic Adventure games did not look good. Still, wait until the party ends before complaining.


A warning about Starbound, before you buy: Performance is not all there yet. I have a 7850k AMD Quad Core and an R7 360, with 12 GB or RAM. Not amazing, sure, but it shouldn't result in sub 30 fps in areas.


Ally winning Smash 4 at EVO was cool. A Megaman reaching Grand Finals was great. And a Braixen taking Pokken at EVO was interesting. Been a good EVO, though the schedule slips suck.


I do find it a little weird that a couple of people expected Pokemon Go to be more in depth, when its purpose was really just to advertise Pokemon to casuals. I'm not expecting many features to be added, aside from trading and events.


The new Ghostbusters movie is getting mixed reviews. Not at all surprising, if the trailer was any indication of the quality of the movie. Not a bad movie, but not a good one, either.


The gaming community can be rather silly at times. Evolve comes out with a major retooling and a fair F2P model, and people are already deriding it. Second chances are a good thing to believe in, people...


Probably gonna get the Marie amiibo. I like the night time plaza look, and her unique song is pretty good.


I played some Evolve, since it became F2P. The model seems to be pretty fair, with rotations of playable characters and monsters, as well as the ability to unlock stuff fairly fast. Matches seemed to go by fast enough, too.


Evolve is evolving into a Free2Play game. Heh. https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/a-message-to-our-community/87816


For those who have yet to buy the Sonic Humble bundle, I will throw my recommendation. Sonic Racing Transformed+DLC is worth it, on its own. The post release support for that game was amazing. It runs on almost anything.


People complaining about the new Pokemon strike me as odd. Other than the fish, which is truly ugly, the others generally are fine. MAYBE the dragon looks a bit goofier than most pokemon, but it's nowhere near the worst.


For those who are still into Dragonball, but were waiting for Super to get interesting, then now's the time to hop in it seems. The current arc is interesting so far. At least in terms of Dragonball storytelling.


I may not like how Color Splash looks, but I dislike the vitriol I'm seeing from some people towards the developers even more. It may or may not be a bad game but it ends there. Just don't buy it, and keep criticism aimed towards the game only.


I came in open minded enough to give Color Splash a shot. But that fire extinguisher bit made me nope so hard. Making a "one move completely solves the boss" card is phenomenally stupid. And, again, seemingly a lack of reasons to fight enemies at all.


I am actually gonna pay attention to Paper Mario Color Splash's bit tomorrow on the livestream. While I'm not too optimistic on it, I will at least give it a chance.


The shrines in the later sections of Zelda look good, from what was shown. Definitely bodes well for the larger dungeons, I think.


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