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Want to play Brutal Legend tonight?

So I happen to have an extra Demo code for PS3 and since I have no PS3 wielding friends, I'm gonna give it away to one lucky dtoider who is on the fence about getting the game and didn't pre-order. Unfortunately this is US only as the cod...


Steam Cards now working, s-blog.

So I e-mailed Niero about using the steam cards from www.steamcard.com for the steam id's as just the steam username displaying looked baron next the shiny new PSN ID's and live cards. Lo and behold the great robot master agreed and so he ...


Happy BDay Colette!!

YAY! Let's spam the c-blogs today with bday posts for everyone's favorite dtoid staffer!!!!!!!!!! I don't know you on a personal level Colette but everything you post is gold! Thanks for making dtoid that much better! Now for birfday songs!...


Haul of Awesome Sauce

I think I may be the luckiest person alive right now considering what I just found at my local Goodwill. But before I get into that let me show you the latest stuff I've found in the last few months. Most of this stuff I got at Ed Mckays us...


Fangamer Mother 3 Guide Shipped!!!

Oh my dear lord it finally ships this week!!! I pre-ordered this book way back in December and was oh so disappointed when they delayed the release in February... But finally after months of waiting it shipped this week! I just got my e-ma...


Latest haul, Genesis edition.

I love the Sega Genesis, I never owned one as a kid but always wanted one. If you read my previous blog you would see I just recently picked up a Genesis and a nice haul of games still in their boxes with manuals at my local good will. Well...


I love comments. (NVGR)

So I was finished for the night looking at all the new dtoid stuff when I decided to head over to gametab.com to see what the top stories were. The #1 story right now is still that lesbian who got banned from xbox live. It's the 1up article...


Why Goodwill is f***ing awesome.

So I was in the area the other day and decided to stop in my local Goodwill not really expecting to find anything and low and behold I find this shit... why someone would throw away such awesome things is beyond my comprehension! All this...


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