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A friend of a friend made this for me because while not really a Pokémon fan I very relate to and love this dude… it’s handmade but it looks like official merch!


Sam Elliot as a teen heart throb in '76. Looks like a territory wrestler.


I’m writing a big ol article about pinball, hopefully for the weekend, and hopefully you’ll read it, and hopefully you’ll leave a comment. Nice house you have here…


Unbelievably sad and fat today. Gave myself a headache with how unhappy and tense I was. It’s only Monday. I wish life was just a bit better. Not even way back, just Like, 2015 better. Going to bed. Love y’all x


Man, y’all went qpost heavy this weekend! Hope you had a good one


Hey folks, I hope that Friday is a fine one for you, and that the coming weekend offers you the opportunity for fun times, rad rest, and some third thing. Sending lots of love from a very, very cold England. Have a totally tubular one x


Supercade Vol.2 is out now and its fackin' hyuge. Don't drop it on your foot. But do feel my pride at talking about some of my favorite childhood arcades, immortalized in print. Pretty durn special <3


Supercade Vol.2 is out now and its fackin' hyuge. Don't drop it on your foot. But do feel my pride at talking about some of my favorite childhood arcades, immortalized in print. Pretty durn special <3


Happy Birthday Vxxy, when I think of Birthdays and Robots, there's only one image that springs to mind. Hope you have a good day and an awesome year


Super exciting week for me, Supercade Vol. 2 launches tomorrow, and features writeups by me :o on some of my all-time favorite games. The last book came out almost 20 years ago, so I'm really, really proud to be part of this volume...


Well, that's winter in the can, more or less, please bring on the spring and please be a warm, sunny, endorphin-producing one. Oh, and here's to all y'all and you're weekends - I hope that they are happy, joyful and perhaps a lil bit naughty. Love thee! x


Howdy, buckeroos. Here's wishing you all a very happy weekend. Hope that its a good one and here's to something cool happening for each and every one of you. Go make it happen, whatever it might be! Have fun, be safe, take care x


Happy Valentine’s Day, Destructoid x Love all y’all. Here’s a middle-aged me being cringe coy under a ton of filters and shadows <3


Heading into the last day of what might be the worst week off I’ve ever had… details are boring but what a fuckin waste, and I’m rolling back into work with a severe bout of depression. GGWP. Regardless, love y’all


My week off hasn't been much 'off;. I'm considering it a practice week off for the next one. Still, the weekend cometh, and I hope that you all have a happy and pleasant one. Get up to fun stuff, don't do the non-fun stuff. Love y'all x


Me literally having no idea what to do with my time away from the site. EDIT: It's going ok, still confusing.


The tech team found the account keys and got images fixed, lickety split. Rad. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday x


Welp, no picture this time, but I'm still here to wish you all a very happy and joyous weekend. I'm actually off for a week, or at least I'll try to be :/ Anyway, have a good weekend, be kind to yourself, and find the small treats in life <3 See ya soon!


Hey folks! it seems that the weird image issue continues. Videos are fine, pics are not. I'll reach out to support today and hopefully they can look. It's unlikely to happen this week - as we're hittin the weekend, but hopefully will get sorted soon


A strange hiccup is causing Qtoid images to break for some, not all, users. It only became apparent recently, so hopefully it's temporary - but we'll let support know. Again Qposts isn't their jurisdiction, but will *try* (emphasis) and get a fix. (bump)


Hey friends and fine folks, Here’s to wishing you a very happy, joyous, and fun weekend. Rest up, eat well, and put a bit of happiness into the weekends of all that you meet. Have a wicked one and stay cool, homeslice! <3


Todays Forspoken discourse really soured me on my hard work. For the first time, the discourse got to me. Worse still, the suggestion that Squeenix picked/paid off ‘easy win’ sites for good scores. I lost a load of followers too. Pfff I stand by my wo


#selfiesaturday Have a lovely one, friends. I was sad yesterday so I raided the wardrobe and dressed up as dollar store Testament to feel a bit better x


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