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I wanted you to know I'm Juri


Happy Belated Birthday to SP Testure. I hope that you had a very rad weekend and that this year brings you much happiness and opportunities for good tymes. Have a wicked one, pal.


When I see stuff like this all I think of is Mike Martin and/or Occams. I guess that means their work is done.


Pushed The Girl into Ultra Gold. Honestly, I should have hit this level well over a year ago, but I just fell into a slump of bad play habits and self-destructive tactics. Wanna plat before SF6 drops <3


I wrote an epic feature on the things I would like to see Capcom Do and Very Much Not Do in Street Fighter 6. It's on the FP if y'all have the time to check it out. It long, but hopefully interesting.


Hey folks, these weekly posts arem't quite the hit they used to be. But that's fine, I'm just glad y'all still see it. And know that I wish you all a very happy and safe weekend, with as much love now as I've always intended. Have a wicked one, friends x


This week/wkend took a hammer to my brain. I'm ill and its the worst bout in some years. Normal service will be resumed at some point, but it's a real brainfight atm. So many reasons, big and small, that's the worst part. But I hope y'all are holding up.


The rendering detail on the soles of new Juri's feet is hilarious. They know exactly what they're doing.


Happy Birthday to lifer Gajknight. Hope that you had a wicked weekend and that this is a very fine year for you. Always rad to see you hanging out after all these years x


Happy Birthday to our dear friend Kerrik. Hope you had an awesome day and that its a cool year for you. Love having you here, pal :)


Hey folks, stopping by as always to wish you all the very best for the weekend. Whether you're busy as hell or practically horizontal, make it work for you. Thanks for sailing with us on the good ship Dtoid. We gotchu. Lots love <3


Happy Birthday Chronolynxx! Thanks for all that you bring to our dear community and here's to an awesome year for you. Hope its a rad day!


Hey folks. I've not had a good week at all, and I'm feeling pretty rough still :( But I hope that yours was a good one. And either way, let us all try to have a restful and happy weekend. We double deffo deserve it. Love all y'all, but u know that


(Update) The sawbones gave me some steroid stuff, I'm referred to a dermatologist too. They didn't seem too concerned, but wasn't 100% on what was going on. It were mostly reassuring, and we'll see if the meds work. Thanks for being there for me <3


Happy Birthday to beloved community member Charlton Heston! Hope you have a wicked weekend and a wickeder year. Make sure they pry that cake from your cold, dead hands x


Lordy what a hot week. Y'all probably know but England hit 40C for the first time in history. I also stayed up late every single night. So Im rekt. But this the weekend, and I hope that you have a happy, restful, cool one. Do something kind for yourself x


I'm Very Tired of All of It


This has been the longest week. And work has been pretty durn stressful. Maybe you can relate. But whether you can or cannot, it's fine, as it is the weekend, and I hope that yours is a very cheerful, happy one. Oh, and be careful of that wild heatwave x


Practicing for my return to the tournament floor next month, but I'm getting so old and my fingers hurt and there's additional social concerns. Bah. You have to rep yer gals though. And with SF6 on the horizon, I don't know when I'll ever fkn stop :/


"Nipping this in the bud immediately. A reminder that using duplicate accounts at Destructoid is against the T&Cs, as is circumventing site bans with alt names/identities. Our tireless community team was not born yesterday. Do not treat them as such.


Time to start decorating. Break out the classics…


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